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    How to Share Flash Movie On Social Networking Sites

    How to share flash movie on social networking sites
    Social Media has become so popular these days that even a kid has his/her personal social media account.

    Everyone enjoys networking as they are able to virtually connect with their friends and family.

    No doubt that anyone who owns a social media account will be sharing something or the other – Be it a message, a picture or a video.

    Social Media has grown very big in the last few years and presently they allow you to share almost everything on the internet.

    However, sharing Flash movies is still not supported by many popular social networking sites like – Google+, Facebook and YouTube.

    So, how can you share flash movies on such sites? Well, your question has been answered below.

    Use SWF Converter Softwares like Firecoresoft :

    Firecoresoft is a premium software for Windows and Mac that allows users to convert SWF files to more than 200 formats.

    You can easily convert you favourite flash videos to popular formats like – MP4, AVI, MOV, MPEG and FLV.

    The software is even capable of converting SWF files to animated GIF images.

    Firecoresoft will be a great tool if you ever wished to share your favourite SWF videos on social networking sites.

    Firstly, convert your flash movies using Firecoresoft to popular formats that are supported by most social networking sites and then upload those without any hassle.

    You can further import the converted SWF videos to Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas and Premier Pro for professional editing features.

    Here is the download link – Firecoresoft for Windows

    How to Share SWF Movies on Google+ :

    Google+ widely supports MP4 formats. Therefore if you want to share a SWF movie on Google+, firstly convert it to a MP4 video format using Firecoresoft. To convert a SWF video using Firecoresoft, follow the steps mentioned below.

    1) Open up Firecoresoft

    2) Select the SWF movie file from your computer

    3) Select the output format, preferably MP4 from the Web Share Output Category

    4) Click on “start” to start converting

    After obtaining the converted SWF file, share it on Google+ and it will work in the same way as it was in SWF format.

    Google+ even supports GIF format so if you are not comfortable with MP4 you can easily convert your SWF video to GIF.

    How to share SWF Movies on YouTube :

    The steps involved in uploading an SWF Video/Movie to YouTube is pretty much similar to Google+.

    You must be knowing that YouTube supports popular video formats which includes – MP4, FLV and WebM.

    Therefore, to upload a SWF video to YouTube you’ll need to convert it to those formats using Firecoresoft.

    For better video quality, go with MP4 format. After successful conversion of your SWF video, upload it to YouTube and it will be accepted.

    Final Verdict :

    If your favourite social networking site doesn’t allow you to upload files in a particular format, simply convert them to a supportable format using Firecoresoft.

    Further note that the converted video files doesn’t offer any playback or quality issues.

    The files just work perfectly no matter on which social network you upload them to.

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