RPG is popular for many gamers because they allow the gamers to choose the character they want to play and modify the character the way they want. RPG games for Android devices allow gamers to play outside of their homes and even offline. There are many game developers who invest in offline and online RPG games for android because of its high marketability. So if you are a gamer or you simply want to try out RPG, here are five of the best RPG games for android that you can download and try out.

1. Reaper
One of the best free RPG games for Android, the story of Reaper revolves on combat zones where the player is sent. Though it might appear predictable at first, you’ll discover that each zone gets progressively harder and each decision you made will definitely affect your progress. It is simply an addicting RPG game for Android users.

2. Bard’s Tale
Bard’s Tale is one of the top RPG games for android because of its graphics and storyline. This action RPG is a classic example of a great RPG story that gamers look for: a hero and how he saves the world. And you can purchase it in a very cheap price, too.

3. Final Fantasy
The second highest-paying RPG franchise, Final Fantasy is a legend amongst RPG games and it has taken over the mobile world as well. All Final Fantasy games are considered the best RPG games for Android devices and gamers can enjoy the unique world and fun adventures of the story from each volume.

4. Order And Chaos Online
Order and Chaos Online is a MMORPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game made for android devices. If you enjoy the World of Warcraft, then this online RPG game for your Android device will also be a great game for you.

5. Dragon Quest V
This RPG for Android is a rival of Final Fantasy game because of the story and its uncanny popularity amongst gamers who played it in consoles. The game is very nostalgic (Dragonball series, anyone?) and it is one of the few RPG games for Android that is played on portrait mode.


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