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    Remember to Spring Clean These Outdoor Spaces

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    A lot of spring cleaning seems to focus on indoor spaces—your kitchen, your bathroom and your bedroom. But what about your “outdoor” spaces? Those spots need cleaning, too!

    After you’re done dusting your bookshelves and scrubbing your bathroom tiles, you should tackle these outdoor chores this spring.

    Wash the Outside of the Windows

    You remembered to clean the windows from the inside, but did you remember to clean them from the outside? You can’t forget that. After all, most of the dirt and grime is on that side. 

    Your windows might not be easily within reach. So, you can give your arms a little extra help by using a telescopic pole. Telescopic poles should come with sponge and squeegee attachments. First, dip the sponge in a bucket of natural window cleaning solution and wash the exterior glass. You’ll want to do this more than once to get stubborn grime off. Then use the squeegee attachment to wipe the glass clean.

    Pressure Wash Your Deck 

    Your deck is going to need more than a simple sweep to get clean this spring. You should rent a pressure washer from your local hardware store (if you don’t already own one) and hose it down. This should rinse off all the dirt and grimy build-up in a flash. Once the deck is clean and dry, you may want to apply a fresh coat of stain or paint to help it look brand-new.

    Remove Rust from Your Storage Container

    You have a storage container sitting in your backyard. You’ve noticed that some rust patches have appeared on the exterior walls. Instead of leaving them alone, you should grab a scrub brush and clean them off. 

    Why? Removing rust is one of the most important parts of caring for your shipping container to make sure that it stays in top condition. Rust can make shipping container walls more vulnerable to water intrusion, which means it could spring a leak. It can also make the walls weaker over time. To protect the structural integrity of your storage container, you need to get rid of rust whenever you see it. 

    After you’ve scrubbed the rust off with a wire brush, go over it with sandpaper. Then clean it with a solution of bleach and water. 

    Declutter the Storage Unit

    The outside of your storage container isn’t the only point of concern. The interior also needs some attention this spring. If your storage unit is absolutely cluttered and disorganized, you should take some time to tidy it up. 

    Start by organizing items into four main sections:

    • Keep

    • Toss

    • Sell

    • Donate

    The items in the “Keep” pile will remain in your unit. “Toss” is for trash. “Sell” is for items that you think you can sell or recycle for a profit, and “Donate” is for items that you’re not sure you can sell. 

    Once you’re done sorting, do not keep any piles (other than “Keep”) sitting in the unit. “Toss” should be thrown out right away. “Donate” should be brought to a charity’s donation center or drop-off bin. If you can’t drop it off right away, move the items into the trunk of your car. This will encourage you to drive to the drop-off center as soon as possible. “Sell” should be moved into the house where you can take pictures and prepare listings for online marketplaces

    Don’t procrastinate.

    This will only keep your storage unit cluttered for longer. 

    Now that you have your “Keep” pile, separate the items into clear categories, like sports equipment, holiday decorations, gardening tools, etc. Do not mix these categories together. Place them in clear storage boxes whenever possible. And then place those storage boxes on metal shelving, pressed up against the walls. This should give you enough space to walk through without worry. 

    Stop ignoring these spots outside of the house. They need spring cleaning, too! Follow these tips and get them cleaned up this season. 

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