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    Regenerative Medicine Can Treat Different Types of Elbow Injuries!

    The elbow is a common injury site. Elbow injury occurs when one of the forearm muscles (the pronator teres) becomes inflamed from repetitive motions, such as gripping an object with excessive force. Many different elbow injuries can occur, but the most common type is lateral epicondylitis or golfer’s elbow. 

    Golfer’s elbow pain is experienced mainly at night when sleeping on your side because arm position forces the muscles to stay contracted for longer periods than usual. Many different types of elbow injuries can occur; the below-mentioned portion will provide information.

    • Tennis elbow injury:

    Tennis elbow happens when the forearm muscles are subjected to repeated stress, resulting in inflammation and pain in the elbow. The pain is due to overuse, improper form, and fatigue in sports activities such as tennis and racquetball, where the repetitive movement of racket swinging puts stress on elbows. It is caused due to overuse of muscles in the arms from one activity or another. The condition may develop suddenly but usually doesn’t cause long-term problems. However, it is a widespread injury for people who play sports requiring a lot of arm motion, such as tennis and racquetball, or those performing manual labor.

    • Golfer’s elbow:

    Golfer’s elbow occurs because of overexertion while making certain motions that pressure your elbows. It is caused due to stretching of the tendons holding your forearm bones together at your elbow joint, causing inflammation and pain. The pain generally occurs when you bend and straighten your elbow. In that case, the highly-skilled doctors at Regenesis in Longview Pain control clinic can provide you with an easy and affordable solution that is 100% safe, effective, and without any side effects. It can be from playing golf but is also seen in those who habitually use their hands to grip and hold objects, such as wringing out a rag or lifting something heavy.

    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common injury caused by work-related repetitive motion of the hand, which results in pressure on the median nerve as it passes through the wrist joint. This  nerve is responsible for various functions, including sensation (touch, vibration, or heat), movement of muscles and organs, and feeling pain. Symptoms may include a numb arm on one side or pain in the hand behind the thumb that affects sensation, movement, or strength.

    • Partial tear of the distal biceps:

    This injury can develop from sudden forceful dislocations at the elbow, especially from throwing or catching a ball. It occurs in the biceps muscle above the elbow joint bone due to repetitive stress when making a throw or catching a ball. The damage is commonly seen in pitchers, basketball players, and football players.

    • Inflammation of the elbow joint:

    The inflamed area is near the base of the ulna bone. The elbow is sterile after a surgical procedure because it does not touch infected tissue and can separate from the body quickly for evacuation of infectious body fluids. The patient will pass large amounts of clear liquid through the area around their elbow, clearing any infection from the skin and surrounding tissue.

    Several types of elbow injuries can cause pain and result in the formation of a lump or bump. These injuries are caused by repetitive motions, the strain on the arm muscles, fatigue from excessive movement, injury from direct trauma, and so on. The symptoms may vary, including pain, a burning sensation, and inflammation.

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