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    Top Real Estate Skip Tracing Secret Techniques

    Real estate skip tracing is a great way to find out who owns or has the legal rights to land. It’s also possible for you to get information about mortgages and liens, which can help you determine if someone is trying to hide something from you. 

    Skip tracing can be done by calling local tax offices and other agencies that have records on title transfers, checking public records online at city hall websites or county clerk websites, or even asking real estate agents who are licensed in your area.

    Finding an address on a public record is easy

    • Use a public record search engine.
    • A public record search engine is the easiest way to find the address of an object or person, whether you’re looking for an old address or new information on someone who lives in your neighborhood. 
    • There are many different types of these tools available. Some will even let you look up information about businesses as well.

    How to narrow down your search area?

    If you’re trying to skip tracing your real estate, one of the first things you’ll want to do is find out what area of town the property is located in. 

    There are several ways of doing this:

    • Use a property search engine like Google Maps or Bing Maps (which both offer free versions). If there are multiple properties with similar names nearby, try searching for each one separately until you find an exact match on one of these sites.
    • Know where government offices are located so that you can visit them and ask about records related to your skip-tracing quest. 

    For example, if someone has lived at “555 N Main St” for seven years but doesn’t own their own house yet. Maybe they just moved here six months ago and haven’t gotten around to changing their address yet? If this sounds like something possible (or even likely), go ahead and call up whatever county clerk’s office might be closest by their phone number so they can give me some answers.

    Use a property search engine

    If you want to skip trace a property, there are several ways that you can do this. 

    • One of the most effective ways is by using a property search engine. 
    • A good search engine will have information on almost any type of real estate in the world, including houses and apartments as well as commercial properties such as restaurants and hotels.
    • When searching for someone’s name or address through a search engine, it’s important not only because it gives us access to all of their contact information but also because we’ll find out if they’re listed as an owner or tenant of any given property (and therefore whether or not this person could possibly be our skip tracer).

    Know where to look for records

    • Know where to look for records.
    • Find the right records for your needs, budget, and skills.

    Once you know what kind of information you need and how much time is available, then it’s time to start looking at what records might be relevant:

    • Property tax records (including lien information) are a good place to start when trying to skip trace a property that has been sold recently.  
    • In some cases, this can help narrow down which properties have been purchased by buyers who may be interested in skipping, tracing the property themselves, or even selling them again at a profit later on down the line. If this isn’t possible though then consider contacting local governments directly so they can provide more details about any sales from within their jurisdiction during that same period.

    Find out if the property is still in use

    This can be done by calling the city or county clerk’s office. You will need to ask if the property is still in use, and if so, you’ll want to confirm that it’s owned by the same person, company, or family.

    The best way to find out about any of these things is by simply asking.

    Ask real estate agents who are licensed in your area

    • You should also consider asking real estate agents who are licensed in your area. 
    • These professionals know who owns or has the legal rights to properties, so they can help you find out if the property is still in use. 
    • They may also be able to provide information on whether or not a house is for sale, which could give you an idea of how much time it will take before someone sells their home.
    • Skip tracing is a great way to find out who owns or has legal rights to something.
    • Skip tracing is a great way to learn about something quickly and easily.
    • Skip tracing can help you find out what someone else knows.


    I know that skip tracing can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. But if you’re willing to put in the work, it can be well worth it. This is especially true for those who have been dealing with an issue for some time and are ready for resolution. 

    We hope today’s tips have given you some great ideas on how to start your own skip-tracing adventure.

    Hamza Hanif
    Hamza Hanif
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