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    Quicken Premier Review – Best Personal Finance Software 2016

    Which is the best personal finance software 2016? There are so many of them. But one I like a lot is Quicken Premier. Quicken Premier is a personal finance software created by Intuit, the company behind premier accounting and tax preparation software such as QuickBooks.

    Intuit has been making popular software applications that allow you to manage your finances, do your taxes and live within a fixed budget since the 1990s. Quicken Premier is their best personal finance software yet, it allows you to create a budget within set spending limits so that you never spend more than what is intended on entertainment, eating out or groceries.

    Quicken Premier also allows for effective cross-program integration across multiple platforms and boasts of a superb investment management system. It is simple and intuitive and comes with powerful features. Let’s talk a bit more about it in this Quicken Premier Review.

     Quicken Premier Syncs Multiple Accounts

    Quicken Premier syncs your bank account with your brokerage account, so that you never miss out on any transaction. It notes all transactions, trades and balances and automatically updates new information as it appears. It also allows you to edit the different categories as needed, such as the transaction type, group and description, in case it misses out on anything.  You can hide categories if you feel they are unimportant. All transactions can be managed, added or edited either from the desktop application or from your smartphone. Quicken Premier is synced across multiple devices – mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computer.

     Quicken Premier Allows You to Keep a Check on Your Investments

    Quicken Premier is the ideal personal finance software for investing purposes. It helps you maintain a strict control while trading stocks or securities and can be synced to your brokerage account. It is automatically updated with your trade history and trade balances and helps you manage your portfolio effectively. It comes with several analytics tools that help you analyze your portfolio and identify any investment that isn’t doing as well as it should, compared to the rest of the market.

    Quicken Premier Helps You Plan Your Retirement

    You can set retirement goals with respect to your finances and investments on Quicken Premier. The software has a tool called the “Retirement Calculator” which gives you a good idea of how much savings you will have at your desired retirement age depending on how much you put into your IRA and other considerations.

    Quicken Premier Helps You to Manage Your Expenses

    Quicken Premier is more than anything a very effective budgeting tool. It helps you create a proper budget so that you can stay on top of your finances. It allows you to select the categories to budget, leave out the ones that you don’t require at the moment and helps you determine how much to budget. The budgeting tool is color coded, so it stays green as long as you spend within your limits, goes yellow when you reach closer to the limit and red when you go over it.  You can set your own alerts as well. So when you are shopping and you are exceeding your limit, Quicken sends you an email warning you about it. This ensures that you will always stay within your self-imposed spending limits.

      Quicken Premier Informs You about an Impending Payment

    You will never have to worry about missing out on a car insurance payment, a credit card bill or a monthly loan payment because Quicken keeps you informed about it by sending timely reminders. It tells you when the payments are nearing and urges you to pay them on time.

    Bottom Line

    We hope you enjoyed this Quicken Premier review 2016. Quicken Premier is without doubt the best personal finance software out there. It has a simple, user friendly interface, excellent reporting tools and top-rated features that allow you to keep your finances in check and budget your expenses effectively.

    How Much Does Quicken Premier Cost?

    Quicken Premier costs $104.99. You can buy it from the official Quicken website here.




    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
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