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    Professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career

    Professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career
    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    The digital revolution has brought massive changes in the IT sector and professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career, especially with respect to recruitment and career progress.

    There has been high demand for qualified IT professionals who can help to manage the expansive world of information technology that has become an integral part of our lives.

    Almost everyone wants to make a career in IT due to the bright prospects of career advancement, and the technological institutes are busy producing engineers and technical graduates to maintain a steady supply of would be professionals who can serve the IT sector.

    While the basic technical qualification can help to get a job, it does not guarantee growth and career advancement.  

    Although it might sound very exciting to land up with a job after some time, you would realize that you need something more to make progress in your career.

    Being different from others

    Professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career
    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    When everything remains equal with respect to the professional qualification of candidates, the competition to move forward becomes tough.

    To move ahead in a crowded space, you must create some special professional identity about yourself that highlights your professional competence.  

    Therefore, it is necessary to acquire some professional qualities that sets you apart from the rest so that employers take more interest in your capabilities and reward you by providing opportunities for career advancement.  

    However, possessing special qualities in your professional area does not help unless you can prove it to others.

    It means that you need some credible document to convince others about your competency as a specialist within the field in which you operate.

    This is where professional certification comes into play.

    Professional certification is an absolute necessity

    For progressing in your career in IT by overcoming the intense competition, you must acquire specialized skills and knowledge in your niche so that you become an expert or specialist in it.

    For example, you can be an expert in Networking, Software testing, Cloud computing, CAD, etc. which are all within the IT domain.

    Now that you have become an expert you have to document the expertise so that you can tell the world about it and even seek opportunities for proving it.

    The only way of doing it is to acquire some professional certification from renowned IT companies that recognize your competence and acknowledges it by issuing a certificate to that effect.

    The certification becomes a handy tool for advancing in your career. 

    Seeking certification- where can you get it from?

    Presuming that you have acquired the skills and knowledge in Networking and your employer is happy with your abilities in handling complex issues and solving problems efficiently, you might want to make fast progress by looking for new opportunities elsewhere.

    When you possess a professional certificate issued by some leading IT company that endorses your abilities after testing it independently, the world would be ready to accept it.

    Armed with the certificate, you can venture out to explore new career opportunities that are much more rewarding.

    But, from where can you get a suitable professional certification is the question.

    Nowadays, a long list of professional certification programs is available online and by enrolling with a program of your choice, you can obtain a professional certificate for any chosen discipline or application.

    Although IT companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, AutoDesk, Quickbooks, and many more issue the certificate, the online testing is conducted by some facilitating companies that represent the parent companies.  

    The programs of Certiport certifications test your abilities to use the applications and solve complex issues like an expert. 

    Comprehensive testing

    Professional certifications can open the gates for a rewarding career
    Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

    For acquiring the certification, you must go through an extensive testing process that evaluates your knowledge and hands-on skills as well as the level of understanding you have about the various aspects of the discipline or area of work.

    Suppose you want to become an Adobe Certified Associate, on passing the tests you will get a certificate issued by Adobe that recognizes your abilities as a graphic design professional.

    The certificate shows that you are special and competent enough to carry out tasks and shoulder responsibilities in delivering assured results in your work area. 

    Consequently, you stay way ahead of many others in your field who do not have any documentary evidence to prove their merit and worth. 

    Many types of certification programs are available with each type corresponding to specific skill sets and level of expertise within a discipline.

    The basic certification endorses your claim that you possess the basic skills.

    As you progress and acquire specialized skills, you can obtain advanced certifications that reflect higher capabilities.

    Likewise, there are Single Product Certification, Specialist Certification and Master Certification for becoming an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE).

    Professional certification programs empower IT professionals and not having it could be detrimental for career progress.

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