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    5 New Productive Gmail Apps and Extensions You Should Try

    The creations and innovations from Google Inc. are becoming cooler, trendy and relied upon in the computing zone as are these 5 new productive gmail apps.

    Featuring the most viral of them are Gmail and the Chrome browser.

    Gmail is a mailing service and is beloved in every business sector. No matter whether you are a grad, scholar, entrepreneur or even a homemaker, you will probably have a Gmail account.

    Google has seriously done a marvelous job in the emailing sector. But the best can become even better.

    It’s a wholehearted gratitude to the ongoing developments in all the web-based applications and tools. These productive gmail apps and extensions enhance your productivity as most of the work people do are browser based. The browser has become the nervous system of the computing world.

    With Gmail and Google Chrome, you are availed with loads of productive extensions and apps to increase your effectiveness in the work you do.

    A single extension decreases you efforts and enhances your functionality with respect to the work you are dealing with currently. This integration of extensions with the task gives you amazing results and a chance to impress your boss at the office.

    The list is never-ending but we have researched these 5 new productive Gmail apps and extensions which you should definitely try out.

    1. Drag– Your Virtual Managing Application


    Mails received, dragged, promotions, updates and other unnecessary stuff you see in your Gmail account make it loaded and messy. These situations make you miss the important emails and tasks and your account seems to be an un-managed fish market.

    Google has introduced Drag application which effectively manages your Gmail account with the tasks to do, to be done and pending.

    Earlier the app was named as Sortd and it was a heavy tool for such management. But, now you have Drag, a simpler and better version.

    With its free version, you can properly manage all your tasks and create to do, doing and done lists.

    Now, managing your email account is far easier than before.

    You can customize the list as per your priorities and it saves loads of time in sorting between wanted and unwanted emails.

    2. Mail Tag- for better email tracking

    mail tag

    It’s the age of electronic mail and you get the information linked to email instantly. People assign tasks and send other important stuff through the email but most of the time they don’t get a reply.

    Unlike Whatsapp and Facebook messenger, it shows a proper notification that the concerned person has read your message as the blue tick is the confirmation.

    But how do you manage your emails or how do you check that the person has read your email or are they ignoring it on purpose?

    In such scenarios, the Mail Tag extension can help you a lot more than you expect.

    It firstly confirms that the recipient has either received your email or not. The information follows at what time did the recipient read the email and how many times they have attempted to do so.

    All these notifications help you in proper tracking of the information you have sent through email. It will keep you updated as astonish your recipient by checking all his emailing activities.

    Try out the free version and make the best use of this Gmail extension. Here, you can get a variety of notifications in the form of emails; push messages etc and they easily pop up on your screen timely to give you update.

    3. DND Email- Discard the incoming distractions

    productive gmail apps

    The useless traffic on the emailing account irritates the most as you have to check every one of it and discard effectively. As per the working scenario, every single mail is a distraction and with every pop-up notification of the email, you head to check the importance of the mail. On an average 20-30 % of the emails are productive and the rest are useless and tie wasting in every sense. These notifications break your tuning with the work and concentration remains nowhere nearby. By installing the exclusive extension named DND Email you get the authority to have proper control on every email lands in your account.

    Here, DND stands for Do Not Disturb and aids you the same with respect to your email traffic. You can install its trial version to see the effects and leave the rest on this special Gmail extension. You can manage with respect to the date you want to work it, start and stop your DND period and also manage the mail fetching time on Gmail. Now, don’t get disturbed with all the pop-up notification bangs on your device.

    4. gFeed – for proper feed to zero inbox

    productive gmail apps

    Nearly all of us have an active account on the social media platforms like Instagram. Here, gfeed provides you with the similar approach as you work with the Instagram notification. The free version comes allows you with all its functions and makes your working more productive. An inbox loads with emails may look good but the situation worsens when you keep on checking the unwanted feeds and its totally waste of productive time.

    Gfeed comes with smart moves and tricks for your betterment.  On explaining the features, each of the mail messages are by design archive. You hashtag with a star on the important ones and discard all the other unwanted emails.  With all the activities you do on the gfeed will get managed on your Gmail account through every app and related platform. Moreover, the application makes you swiping quickly and avails you to do the right action at the right time.

    5. Email Monster– Handy Tailored template

    productive gmail apps

    Gmail is such a platform to send and receive important information’s via electronic mailing. Here, you are enabled with pre-installed templates to make the mail alluring for the recipient. There can be times you need you write an impressive email and design it with an attractive template. Here, Email Monster provides you with such decent opportunity to design your email content in the best possible way. The list of the templates is fresh but limited in number. No matter the quantity, you get the best-designed templates for structuring your email content in a professional and creative way.  It provides an HTML touch which will surely impress the recipient and who knows that this way you may crack down the deal.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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