If you are tired of using the same old default web browser on your iOS, why not try something new? When you have the option of using Atomic, Skyfire, Opera Mini, why stick to the boring default iOS browser? In this article we would learn how to change the default web browser in iOS.
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In case your iOS device is jailbroken, you may go for the Browser Changer application. This utility is simple to use. It allows you to change your default browser to the browser of your choice. With this, you can make your preferred browser as the default browser on your system. If you are looking for Browser Changer, it is recommended to go to Cydia.
After installing this application, open it by going to Settings.
In the Browser Changer window, you will see the option ‘Enable Changer’, this should be turned on. Another option under the General settings is the ‘Selected Browser’ option; select the browser of your choice under this option. This would set your selected browser as the default browser for opening various links.
As mentioned above there are a number of web browsers that can be used on iOS. Once you have the Browser Changer application installed on your system you may change your default browser anytime you want.


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