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    Plasma, LCD or LED Digital Signage – Which is the Best Menu Board Software?

    Digital signage can be defined as an electronic display board showing information about various products offered, endorsements and to convey other messages as well.

    Digital signs displayed on Plasma, LCD or LED TVs are to be seen in both private and public places (corporate buildings and retail stores). Now, the question is – which is the best TV to be used for digital signage? Doing a comparative study on technologies of all the three will give a clear insight about the best menu board software for digital signage.

    Comparing the Plasma, LCD or LED TV for digital signage menu board software:

    Plasma Digital Signage

    When talking about the indoor displays, Plasma is obviously the most flexible and dependable media. Content displayed on a Plasma TV can be created and be managed with its software program. Since the installation as well as the maintenance process is easy, it can be used anywhere like:

    • Shopping Malls and Complexes
    • Trade Shows
    • Stations
    • Airports
    • Restaurants
    • Clinics

    It is also used in other public places. Coming to the display part, Plasma TVs can offer A- quality images & deeper black levels for video fanatics but there is probability of screen burn that occurs when a motionless image is being displayed for a longer period. Still there are some plus points viz:

    • Display large images
    • Promotion of In-Store sales
    • Reach out to a large audience

    Overall Plasma menu board software is a great option to create a dramatic effect and feel.

    LCD Digital Signage

    LCD is also a great medium to be used as a digital signage. The flat panels of the TV improve the environment with excellent HD visuals in order to attract potential customers. LCD screens are dependable and cheaply priced. Moreover, the screens display products in a captivating way that conveys the messages clearly to the customers. LCD TVs use cathode fluorescent lighting bulbs and these can cost lesser than LEDs. Some of the outstanding features of LCD digital signage are stated as under:

    • LCD TVs help in presenting and share information with audiences seamlessly
    • Inform and entertain visitors and customers with engaging contents having interactive abilities and
    • Waterproof version of LCD TVs is an ideal option to be used as outdoor displays

    Using LCD digital signage can be a great deal and the necessity to be upgraded to the LED version might not be felt.

    LED Digital Signage

    LED menu board software is undoubtedly the best choice to improve digital signage. The innovative technology of LED TVs offers great interactive customer experience using TDI (Touchscreen Display Interface) with QR codes in the content and the text messages. They use light emitting diodes. LED display boards are obviously a better option as those are lighter and thinner compared to the CFL-lit counterparts. Even they use less power and heat. Have a look at the benefits of LED TVs for digital signage:

    • LED screens allow audiences interacting with the digital signage and find the
    • information they are looking for
    • Displaying the endorsements whenever users ought to find the required details
    • Helping users in interacting with the offered products or services
    • Displaying the schedules, contents and inventories associated with a specific database
    • LED screens come in single and multi-touch alternatives

    LCD & LED screens are almost similar except the backlighting feature. In fact, all the above-mentioned mediums are really fine for digital signage but needs to be chosen considering the purpose and location. For businesses looking to capitalize on these advanced technologies, signage project services and management offer comprehensive solutions from installation to ongoing maintenance.

    Author Bio: Michelle Jones, owner of a retail store has integrated menu board software on the LED tv to display information about the latest offers. This keeps the customers updated and results in generating better business.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolm
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