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    PDFs Make the Workplace Better

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    There are billions and even trillions of PDFs out in the digital ecosystems of the world today, making it the third most popular format. From its humble beginnings as a cross-platform format for reliable, replicable document display, the format has seen immense growth—and it has outlasted many other formats that have since gone the way of the dodo.

    Since 2008, the PDF has been an open, internationally-maintained standard—and a whole array of new features have come with that transition. Today, the PDF is a mainstay format that the average individual and the business user encounter regularly. As the format has evolved, so has the demand for software that can tap into this full suite of features.

    What Can the PDF Do Today?

    The unique nature of a PDF means that, behind the scenes, its code explicitly defines everything about a document, from its fonts to where images sit on a page. That feature makes it easy for PDFs to look the same on any screen or computer. While that was its original function, today, it has taken on many more features that make it a far more dynamic format.

    Some of the most important features that business users can enjoy when working with PDFs today include:

    • Add comments and highlight text for collaborative work
    • Redact text to obscure sensitive information
    • Secure documents with a password
    • Use Bates stamps for document tracking and cataloging
    • Fill out forms, apply secure electronic signatures, and enforce digital documents as contracts

    With these and other features, the PDF’s place in the office today has changed considerably. From the format that scanned documents end up in to the tool of choice for electronic forms, workplaces today handle PDFs regularly. However, many still rely on PDF viewers and free software that doesn’t meet their level of need—leading to frustration, time wasted on bottlenecks, and slow results.

    Embracing Advanced Editing Tools

    Today’s offices demand a better tool for everyday accessibility to critical functionality. Kofax Power PDF is one such solution, providing a “built for business” approach to PDF software that differs from many free, consumer-facing solutions. Power PDF aims first and foremost to be affordable, with a long-term cost substantially lower than competing options. At the same time, it is easy to learn, with a familiar interface that delivers the usability and flexibility business users need in fast-paced environments.

    With Power PDF, it is possible to bypass the limitations of free software. Capable of high-level encryption, secure signing processes, and other business-critical functions, the program puts these tools within easy reach of all users—but it goes even further. Enriched with powerful and highly accurate optical character recognition, Power PDF can make a searchable document out of scanned pages in seconds. Built-in collaboration tools mean businesses can empower users to keep working together in real-time, even in a fully remote office.

    With access to such flexibility, it’s easy to include the PDF as a part of your digital transformation.

    Try Power PDF for Free Today

    The right tools make a big difference in the business world, and a reliable way to work with PDFs is hardly optional in today’s office. With key functionality close at hand, you both avoid frustrating limitations and do more every day.

    Seeing is believing, and that’s true when it comes to software, too. Experience the difference of Power PDF and explore how easy it is to use advanced features to make daily work with PDF files easier than ever. Access your 100% free trial today.

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