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    Pageless web design for the future

    The world of web design has been slowly growing and shifting and pageless web design that fully utilizes the digital character of the platform it’s built upon is here with us.

    The traditional website design much resembled print design – having different elements in different pages.

    However, technological advances have led to improvements in coding languages, browser capabilities and broadband limitations, all of which now make pageless web design an achievable goal.

    Through a design that’s more simplified, the story can take preeminence over the design, simply facilitating rather than overpowering the message and web design agencies like Ramotion knows that and handles this very well.

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    1. Visitors are compelled to action using stories

    Websites are built to help businesses communicate their stories to existing and prospective stakeholders. There are objectives set out for each stakeholder group, and in order to be met, the recipients usually have to take some action. Methodical story telling by building on different elements create a very compelling experience, likely to move viewers to action.

    2. It is continuous, natural and easily digestible

    In the face of the common website blueprint, which has now created a very mundane experience for visitors, consumers are on the lookout for a new and vibrant scheme that communicates with them, not at them. A pageless site perfectly draws in a visitor, calling them to participate in the makings of a great story step by step.

    Through a design that’s more simplified, the story can take preeminence over the design, simply facilitating rather than overpowering the message.

    3. More emotional and visceral satisfaction

    Interactive elements can be seamlessly weaved into the main storyline of a website, thanks to advances in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript. There are amazing and animated ways to improve the user experience, making the entire site and look and feel the most natural, even for expert review critics. These elements can be used to create an addictive user experience that will see higher traffic and greater conversion rates.

    4. Greater sharing and lesser bounce rates

    Pageless sites have lesser bounce rates than single page sites – a fact. The reason is that more information is available in a sequential manner, making it easier for users to find what they need within a short time. The primary site objective shines through every subsequent element, enticing visitors to delve deeper and deeper into a well-told story and hang out for longer.

    A standard website is very hard to share in its entirety, but not so with a pageless site. Sharing landing pages can come off as blatant solicitation, which may be distasteful to some. However, pageless sites allow for sharing of compelling and complete user experiences, which is more natural and leads to more shares by satisfied users.

    5. It’s cheaper

    Now we end at the bottom-line. Creating custom websites has been a very costly affair because of the complexity and the meshing of different pages and elements in a relatable way. Pageless sites are not only faster and easier to develop; they cost much less – as little as 30% of the price for a custom designed website.

    Pageless web design is truly the epitomization of the future: combining improvement of service delivery with cost-effectiveness, and bringing web design even closer to small businesses that cannot afford to invest in the conventional custom sites.

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