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    12 Useful Online Services For Sending and Sharing Large Files

    At this time where sharing information with the help of technology is too mainstream, we still have confused minds when it comes for sharing large files. We might have faced certain issues and email doesn’t support sending the large files. If it was about sending large files locally, there is awareness about certain sites but when your friend is miles away from you and you so want to send a large data, then you should try using one of the 12 Useful Online Services For Sending And Sharing Large Files which are mentioned below in brief.

    12 Useful Online Services For Sending and Sharing Large Files

    12 Useful Online Services For Sending and Sharing Large Files:-


    Useful Online Services

    With media fire, you can now store the large files which are occupying a huge space on your device, share the files such as videos, project files, movies and much more. You can upload the files from any site and can go for multiple uploads in a day. For this tool, you can upload up to 10GB files for free and with bonuses up to 40GB. It may support any file up to 4GB. Be it a tablet, I phone or android device you media fire helps you all the way. Apart from this, sharing is just few clicks and milliseconds away.


    1. HIGH TAIL

    Useful Online Services

    If you are working on a certain project and you need a tool which transfers all the huge and confidential data at a very fast speed then you need to try High tail. You can spend less time managing the data and more time focusing on the whereabouts of your project. It is cost effective and signing up is free of cost. You can connect your accounts so that files from your drive and devices are directly uploaded over high tail. For business package, you can upload and share unlimited data at fast speed.



    Useful Online Services

    Now you don’t have to download, update or read manuals to use wikisend for file sharing. It is very simple tool and absolutely free Useful Online Services. From anywhere and anytime, you can upload and share files. The only drawback is that files more than 100 MB are not supported by Wikisend. It is one of the most reliable tools you ll find on internet.


    1. NET

    Useful Online Services

    It is one such online service which is used to provide Useful Online Services for file sharing. You can sign up for free and upload a single file up to 100 MB from where your friends and clients can extract the large file. There are three packages which you can refer to and select the one suiting your requirements. Now file sharing is simple with box.net.


    1. DIV SHARE –

    It allows sharing more dynamic types of file to other people by the help of file transfer protocol. Be it a video or some large project file with different extension you can just share the links. Providing certain security levels, you can now manage and dispense only the required information to the people. You just have to fill up a form and enjoy this online service without paying a single penny.



    Useful Online Services

    We might have seen that HTML files have a very less size say in kilo bytes where as the other file sizes goes up to Giga bytes. Now this Useful Online Services has come forward with a simple yet unique technique. It converts all your large files into HTML files or in other words you can define compression. This compression helps in sharing at a very high speed easily.


    1. IO

    Useful Online Services

    It has a very simple interface. You don’t have to register or fill up formalities. Just open drop.io and start uploading the files. A particular file cannot exceed 100 MB. After uploading the content, you can provide the people with links and share your information. If you have a confidential data then you can add security by applying passwords, deleting the unnecessary data, adding comments and much more. The only drawback it suffers from is that you cannot upload a file which exceeds a certain limit and there is no proper structure of folders for storage of relevant data together.



    Useful Online Services

    Fill a simple form present on the front page of file dropper and accelerate your process of sharing large files over internet. It uses simple file transfer protocol in a distinctive way so that you can share all the files which email doesn’t support to send. You can also enjoy creating premium account with lots of exciting offers.



    Useful Online Services

    Now just throw away your stress and focus on sharing the data because with driveway, you can share a file up to 500 MB and go for multiple uploads from where you can share it with your contacts, clients and people across the globe. Just don’t lose your hope over emails because drive way will help you all along.


    1. SEND6

    Useful Online Services

    From remote file hosting till sending the files across the globe irrespective of the size, you can trust Send6. just fill up certain information and file type after that you are set free to dispense the information in one click. You can have a look on certain premium plans such as lite, personal, professional, business and corporate. don’t waste this opportunity and sign up for free.


    1. DROP BOX

    Useful Online Services

    Drop box is provide a smooth flow of data exchange and let the industries and business of the people grow at a large scale. More than 3 million connections have been made on drop box to save and share the data and its interface is fabulous so that you wont find out any difficulty in uploading and sharing.


    Useful Online Services

    With the help of this Useful Online Services, you can share a file as large as 10GB. If you have selected a free package, then you have a limit set for 2 GB and if you opt for packages then you ll end up unlimited uploading and sharing of the files.

    Discussed above are 12 Useful Online Services for Sending and Sharing Large Files. Now you have an idea of the file sharing services in brief and you can pick up one according to your needs and transfer the data without any hassle.

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