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    Top 7 Often Used Emojis By Most People In Social Media Today

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    Using emoji when texting is fun, but sometimes if you don’t have the right knowledge about their meanings and uses, you will have a hard time when and where to use them.

    You might end up using the wrong emoji to a conversation, which will represent a different meaning. The person you are talking about will have a wrong interpretation; that’s why you need to know these famous emojis.

    1. Check Emoji

    The Check Mark emoji or called Check emoji, is one of the most-used emoji in social media today, especially in text messages. It is also part of Unicode 1.1 that started in 1993 and even part of Emoji 0.6. Beside the Check Mark emoji, there are also other related symbol emojis that are related to it, like the Cross Mark, Copyright, Medical symbol, and Trademark symbol.

    You can find the Check Mark emoji in any social media apps right now, like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, and more. Check emojis may have different forms and colors in other platforms, but you can still identify it because of its clear image or picture. People usually use Check emoji to agree or to like something.

    2. 100 Emoji

    100 emoji has many meanings, and you can also use it in any situation or conversation. You can call the 100 emoji as Keep it 100, Perfect Score, Authentic, or Real. You can also use the 100 emoji if you want to commend someone, agree to their debate, or identify your physical energy. You can add 100 emoji to anything.

    You might also see that in other apps like Apple, they want to call 100 emoji as Hundred Points Symbol, which is kind of a bit wordy, but that’s what they want to call it. To identify the 100 emoji, you will see a number one hundred in red color with horizontal lines under it. It is straightforward to find since its image does not change so much in most apps.

    3. Fire Emoji

    Fire emoji is easy to identify because of its red-orange color combined with an apparent fire image. Most use Fire emoji to present anger, greatness, excellence, attractiveness, and more. In Snapchat, one of the most famous social media platforms right now, they will put a Fire emoji on their user’s name to identify them as having a “Snapstreak.”

    The Fire emoji is very new in the Emoji world since it just started in Unicode 6.0 in 2010, and after five years, it was added in Emoji 1.0. In most apps, they usually call the Fire emoji as “Fire,” but you might also find other names like Flame, Hot, Lit, or in Snapchat, they call it Snapstreak. 

    4. Bomb Emoji

    Bomb or Bomb Symbol emoji is a black cartoon-styled bomb that has some sparks on its thread. Most people use the Bomb emoji in some sports like softball and baseball. The people will put a Bomb emoji if someone did a homerun or won the game. Others use bomb emoji to represent their anger, close to exploding or near to hit its limits.

    Some people also use bomb emoji to represent violence or represent a weapon. It sounds terrifying, but it helps those people to send a clear message to the other person. Most popular apps and platforms like Mozilla, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter have their version of Bomb emoji pictures.

    5. Collision Emoji

    Collision emoji is a clear representation of any collision or any fighting events. The image itself is depicting a colossal explosion that most people can quickly identify. The most common perception of Collision emoji is a star-like explosion with a yellow and orange color. You can use the Collision emoji if you want to represent crashes, fighting, and even anger.

    In Apple, Collision emoji also has other versions like the camera with flash and firecrackers. Both Collision and Hundred point emoji almost have the same use. You can use them both if there is something great happening or if you are excited. Collision emoji also has many names depending on what platform you’re using like Impact, Bang, and Explosion.

    6. Dashing Away Emoji

    If you are an individual who is frequently using social media, then this emoji is not new to you anymore. The Dashing Away emoji is very simple to identify; it is a cartoon-styled form of running air. It is a small gray air or cloud that has mini horizontal lines on its tails. To explain it, imagine drawing a tree horizontally.

    The Dashing Away emoji is commonly seen in most comic magazines when someone is dashing or going away. Most social media people now use the Dashing Away emoji if they want to end the conversation or if they want to leave. It is a fast way of saying goodbye. You can also use it to represent smoking, speed, fart, running, or blown away.

     7. Automobile Emoji

    Automobile, a red sedan car is facing left-to-right or right-to-left. It is one of the most usual emoji symbols you will see on social media right now. Most people use Automobile emoji if they are in a car going somewhere or seeing an exotic car. There is nothing more to explain how or when to use Automobile emoji since its purpose is self-explaining.

    In other platforms, Automobile emoji’s other term is Car, Side of Car, Red Car, or just a Car. It also has different types of images, depending on what platform you are using. In Apple, the Car emoji is a red coupe car with its hood falling to the left. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Car emoji version is the classic type of sedan car which you can identify by its box body.

    Know your emojis

    If you want to be more recreational in your posts in social media, then these top symbol emojis are the perfect emojis to try. They are easy to add to any discussion or events, and you will not have any problem with having an out of this world message that no one could ever understand.

    There are still more emojis that were not in this article, but you can effortlessly search them online to know more about those other cool emojis. Some sites provide all types of emojis with the addition of their meanings and uses, which will significantly help you.

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