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    Nokia Bluffed about Lumia 920 Camera, & they have Apologized for not having the correct disclaimer but not for Faking it

    There is no doubt that Nokia’s new PureView ad is just awesome but what if it is not true and a fake one? Surely disappointed. According to the  bizarre Easter egg, Nokia’s has bluffed it’s users through this ad by not giving a clear image of it’s  PureView technology, which according the Company, will be able to capture 5-10 times the amount of light of any other smartphone camera. If they are true and so confident about their technology then what was the need of showing the fake ad? God knows.

    Well, let me describe you the whole ad. The ad revolves around the two persons, a couple of young man and woman, who are riding the bikes and there is a river at one side. The ad shows the capabilities of the video camera by displaying the video of the woman which is recording by the man while riding the bikes. The coolest thing about the video is that on the one side Nokia is showing non-stabilized version whereas on the other it is showing amazing smooth capture. But this would have been looked more better if it was genuine.

    Still Nokia has apologized for not having the correct disclaimer but not for faking it!

    Source: The Verge & BBC

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