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    New iPhone App DermoMap HD Diagonsis Skin Problems by your iOS Device

    iPhones avails maximum number of application to its users with all of these applications iPhones are now also availing the application related to Health. People who step back to going to skin specialists dn’t need to visit there coz iPhones new application is providing more than 100 disease’s High Defination pictures with their Causes, Symptoms, Precautions and their explanations too. In this DermoMap HD, user can diagnose, compare and practice too (medical professionals /students). It is available in 2 languages One is English and another is Spanish.

    dermomap iphone application

    DermoMap HD iPhone apps is in very easy english that can be easily understand by students, medical and non-medical professionals, house wife and any age’s people. There are pictures of all type of skin problems which can be easily diagnosis by the users themselves. There is an alphabetical sequence of skin diseases which helps users to search skin disease easily and user can compare the skin problem by clicking their disease and compare with the given skin disease’s picture.
    DermoMap is a useful tool to guide in the diagnosis of various dermatological conditions. It provides periodically updated information about the general symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of each disease. DermoMap helps promote, build up and spread dermatological knowledge. It features 4 intuitive, visual and practical sections specifically created to enjoy a truly “iPhone experience:” This application contains pathology images that may cause distress to sensitive people.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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