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    The New Google Inbox, to Switch to or Not

    Google Inbox is an optional new service app that enhances the way one interacts with the Gmail account.  And for the record, Gmail will not be in any way be set aside with the new Inbox

    The objective of Google Inbox is to fix common emailing problems. Any emailing system should help users easily manage all activities such as personal, work, business and study. However, instead of doing so, it causes confusions and doesn’t present a friendly flow, sometimes or most of the times, important mails get mixed up low priority emails, making it harder to look once needed.

    The Google Inbox promises to sort out your emails and save you time you otherwise spend searching for that particular email you ought to have worked on yesterday. Using the Inbox apps you get to organize your messages and other tasks that improve your output.

    When Google launched the new Inbox mobile app layout, it made users wonder whether it was any different and how efficient it would be in daily errands. So far people who have used it seem to like the Inbox and its functions.


    But how can you access or get an access to this Inbox app?

    Google Inbox, for now, is an “invite-only” app. You just simply have to send an email using your Gmail account to: Once they have received your request, they will instantly put you on their waiting list and you just have to wait for an invite once it’s all set up.

    After you have received their invite, you need to install the Inbox App, just make sure that you are an Android or iOS user otherwise it will be useless. Once installed, you are set for a new email experience.

    Now, how does Inbox work?

    It does not look far different from the traditional Gmail inbox; rather, it’s the functions that were redesigned to make it more productive for all users. This will allow more access to the most substantial emails, reminders, and to-do’s all in one constructive hub. At the point that you have gone through all the items, you can mark them as “Done.”

    It also has the following features to better organize emails.

    • Bundles – They categorize folders in your inbox which arranges emails under specific labels in your inbox. You can also click on it to expand the label without exiting your inbox.

    Labels that are within your bundle:

    • Promo: consists of marketing emails.
    • Social: consist of social media emails.
    • Updates: consists of alerts, notification, and even account confirmations.
    • Finance: consists of bills or payment emails.
    • Purchases: consists of receipts and shipping emails from your purchases.
    • Travel: consists of travel emails such as flight confirmations or hotel reservations.
    • Forums: consists of email from your mailing list or discussion group.
    • Pins – a feature that will able you to bookmark your emails. Once you click the pin button icon at the top-right corner of your inbox, you can save that email for later viewing. Just click on the same icon if you wanted to view what you have pinned or saved.
    • Sweeps – it is the check-like icon on your inbox which will give you the chance to mark an email as “Done.” It works the same with your inbox Bundles if you wanted to mark all messages as done.
    • Reminders – an option where your Gmail grants you an access to your to-do list or to create one. Reminders appear right inside your inbox where it can easily be viewed.
    • Snooze – just like an alarm clock, this option applies to reminders or emails that are necessary at a later date. Several options were provided by Google: Snooze to a specific time, Snooze to someday and Snooze until you arrive to somewhere.

    Some cool features that are also notable about the New Google Inbox are the pictures that will now automatically show up in the inbox as well as live updates regarding your flights or freight information will also pop up.

    With a handful of communication mediums available, business-wise, email is still very important and it is good to know that technology is also touching traditional email landscapes to make it more pleasing and easy to manage.

    However, there are nine questions about the new Google Inbox that will also guide users if it’s worth using it.

    1. Will Gmail users prefer to permanently switch to Inbox?
    2. Does this mean that Gmail will soon be turned down with the Inbox showing a new interface?
    3. What will happen to your Gmail archive after trying Inbox for quite some time?
    4. Are Gmail add-ons still supported?
    5. How are Inbox ads being delved into and advertised?
    6. How will email open tracking system work with Inbox?
    7. Google Now-like view is the format commonly used for mailers to utilize that summary presentation; will that same format still be applied with Inbox?
    8. How will Google Apps users deal with Inbox that is not yet available within an enterprise environment?
    9. Where did all the Gmail settings go? The filters, send as, and other common setting tools?

    So far, these are some of the questions needs answers.

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