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    MyThemeShop Review 2016 –Top Rated WordPress Themes

    In our review of Top Rated WordPress Themes, we look at a company that has made a lot of waves in the WordPress community – MyThemeShop.

    MyThemeShop is a relatively small company but has over 314,000 customers already. MyThemeShop has released many free themes as well as paid ones, and have more than 119 themes in all, at the time of this writing. Most of the themes made by MyThemeShop are compatible with the latest web standards – HTML5 and CSS3, Responsive Web Design and Fast Web Page Loading – which is why they are great for your SEO.

    MyThemeShop Review 2016 – Premium WordPress Theme

    The thing about WordPress themes is that there are so many to pick from. You can get a WordPress theme that costs nothing – $0 – or get one custom designed for you which will cost $5000 or more.

    But what about people like you and me, who can afford to pay a hundred dollars or so for a WordPress theme as long as it is of a premium quality?

    wordpress theme

    It is always better to buy a premium WordPress theme than a free one as premium themes come with regular updates, quality support and most importantly, is coded very well. You certainly shouldn’t get a free WordPress for a website or blog that you intend to monetize and want to earn a decent passive income from. MyThemeShop is one of the best premium WordPress themes out there, which is very reasonably priced too.

    Let’s look at some of the things I liked about MyThemeShop…


    Coding is what makes a premium theme such as MyThemeShop different from a free theme. The people at MyThemeShop do understand the importance of coding and have worked hard on their themes and it shows. All the complexity of the theme is hidden in the coding and as a buyer, you are presented with a simple interface. Another thing I appreciated was how fast the MyThemeShop team was at rolling out updates on a regular basis.


    Another reason to pick MyThemeShop over a free theme is the priority support that you get with it. If you are stuck at any stage you can always reach out to the MyThemeShop support for some quick help to resolve the issue.


    You may not know about this, but the theme that you choose plays a huge role in your SEO and decides your ranking on Google’s SERPs. That’s because free themes or poorly coded ones are not designed or coded keeping SEO in mind. MyThemeShop has incorporated the latest SEO needs and trends into the design of their WordPress themes.


    Design is something very subjective and we all have our own preferences. MyThemeShop offers multiple design options, and there is something at MyThemeShop for everyone. You can pick the design that you like best, based on what is suitable for your niche.


    MyThemeShop Premium themes start at $59/theme which is a great price to pay for them. You can sign up for an extended one-year membership of $167 and get access to all MyThemeShop themes. Click here to know more about MyThemeShop pricing.

     Final Thoughts

    MyThemeShop is one of the most promising theme options out there and a very popular one too. MyThemeShop  premium themes allow you to create a fabulous looking WordPress blog even if you have zero coding skills.

    Click here to visit the official MyThemeShop website.



    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
    I am a freelance ERP consultant based in Bangalore, India, and double up as a freelance writer in my spare time. My specialties include writing on technology, finance and politics. There is nothing I love more than reviewing the hottest tech products, and I hope to share my love of technology with you, the readers of Geekers Magazine, to inform, educate and entertain. I like constructive criticism, so if you guys have any advice or suggestions for me, I really would appreciate that. Ciao! Raghav Hegde, Bangalore

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