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    Mobile Trends to Watch Out For

    Are you excited to know the mobile trends to watch out for this year? Well, today is your lucky day! This article will help you find out top 3 mobile trends to watch out for. Read on!

    • Video will be more interesting – Videos are indeed a big buzz this year. Analyst predicts that the following year will have a full adoption of video for app marketing. Isn’t it amazing? We are all familiar of YouTube. Research shows that in the year 2015, YouTube’s mobile traffic is expected to hit 50-60% (up from 25% in 2012), with 98% of 18-34 y/o watching video content primarily on their Smartphone and tablets. It is said that YouTube will be a big help to all advertisers that are seeking to reach mobile audiences and get more app users.

    • Apps will be more personal – there are many app marketing strategies this year, and analyst predicts that in the coming years a lot of marketers will step up their game with increased personalization. A study was conducted by Localytics that targeted push messages, compared to generic push blasts, can help double app rates and can increase app conversion rates. With additional tools for collecting and analyzing in-app data, the app marketers are getting to know their users preferences. Apps will be more advanced in the coming years. It will definitely make all the users happy and satisfied.

    • Remarketing will assist in increasing retention – This year, app marketers saw a potential increase in app install advertising product through Facebook, Google, Twitter and Tumblr. It is said that in the coming years, people will see a whole new optimized advertising based on in-app activity. This will help the advertisers to send users to a specific destination within an app.

    So above are some of the mobile trends to watch out for this year. In the coming years, rest assured there are a lot of changes in our mobile world. Apps will be easier to download and navigate and it will sure help all the advertisers to increase their profit and will give pure satisfaction to all its users.

    Robert Malcolm
    Robert Malcolmhttps://geekersmagazine.com
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