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    Midomi lets you search Music by Singing or Humming

    Midomi is a web service designed for music lovers of all generes. This website features an instant music search and discovery link for your pc as well as iPod & Android. It has sections dedicated to all kind of music. Besides the features provided by all the other music websites, Midomi offers the best and efficient way to search any of your favorite track. This service provides you with all the latest released International tracks. The best part about this website is that here you can search any track just by mentioning its name, album name, artist name and even just by humming the desired song for few seconds. Isn’t that so amazing??? As many times this happens that we just listen to a track somewhere and start liking that but if we don’t know about its album name or artist name, it becomes li’l difficult to get that song searchd online. Now the solution is all here, Midomi offers you the instant music search and discovery by its special and strong interactive feature.
    midomi - search your music track by singing or humming

    There are also latest releases Music videos, Audios, Album Pics and lot more, another add on point is that Midomi allows its users to record any of the track in their own voice which means that now you can also have your own fan club and be a part of Midomi Stars. So all the music lovers, here is the platform to show your own hidden talent. Just goon right now and be a celebrity among all your friends and knowns or even unknown ones. Summarising all, you can just do all d stuff with any track that is you can listen, sing, record, buy, download and a lot more. There is also a news section displaying whats new in your favourite artist’s directory. To keep its user updated with all d new stuff releasing related to music, Midomi update its contents on a very regular basis. I personally think this a fabulous platform which provides so many services on a single base simply amazing

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