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    Matt Mullenweg happy with Thesis being licensed under GPL

    Geekers Magazine runs on thesis  theme for WordPress and i have never felt the need of analyzing  hard codes ,since it is pretty easy to customize and more then that rids your blog of some plugins as well.

    Now here is the main theme of this post:- Chris Pearson the Maker and owner of thesis theme has finally announce on twitter that the parts of codes that thesis uses that are a part of WordPress are now under GPL and anyone can use them ,but the codes that are not inherent to WordPress (which we all know is licensed under GPL -General Public License).

    Here is some thing that GPL any product that is licensed under GPL can be used – According to the GPL, software can be sold commercially but anyone who has purchased the product must be free to share the software, free to modify , redistribute and to the share copies of his modified versions. In the words of the license, “If you distribute copies of such a program, whether gratis or for a fee, you must pass on to the recipients the same freedoms that you received.”

    Their had been some been some strife going on between Matt Mullenweg (maker of WordPress) and Chris Pearson ,for making Thesis a GPL WordPress theme ,which most of the WordPress themes do follow.

    Yesterday Chris announced on twitter that although thesis is now a GPL theme but he still owns the rights to codes that are not a part of WordPress.

    What are your views on this ,please do let us know through your comments.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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