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    Make Chinese Friends: Top Tips You Need to Know

    make Chinese friends

    If you want to get Chinese friends, be prepared for the fact that Western rules almost do not work here.

    China is a unique country, and some of the features of Chinese friendships may be really surprising. The main thing you should know is that it is not so easy to convince these guys that you are worthy of being their friend but if you manage to do it, be sure that this friendship will be life-lasting. This article will help you to get started.

    Use WeChat

    As you know, the most popular social networks and messangers are prohibited in China, so these people use WeChat to get in touch. Use it as well if you want to get a Chinese for a friend.

    However, this is only the beginning of the journey. This application will help you get acquainted, but in order for your relationship to develop, you need to know a few more rules and anti-rules.

    Ask Them to Teach You Ping-Pong or Kung-Fu

    Joint activities and hobbies unite people. Fortunately, this is the rule that works throughout the world. In the case of China, you should find a few specific Chinese hobbies that will allow you to meet and make friends.

    For example, the Chinese are very fond of playing ping pong. Therefore, the most logical thing you can do is ask your new friend to teach you or play a game with you. Kung fu is the second or even the first passion of Chinese. This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, and many kung fu techniques are secret and inaccessible to ordinary people.

    However, you can still ask your new friend to tell you more about kung fu culture, praise his skills and ask you to teach you the most basic and simple tricks. In addition, the Chinese also love art, museums, and literature.

    Join Morning Fitness in the Park

    A very large number of Chinese people gather in the parks every morning to do morning exercises. This is an indication of the party – the nation must be healthy. However, anyone, even a foreigner, can always freely join the morning fitness group.

    Use this opportunity to, firstly, develop a new healthy habit, secondly, see more Chinese culture from the inside, and thirdly, meet new people, of course.

    Tell Your New Friend’s English Is Good (And Learn Mandarin by the Way)

    If you want to compliment the Chinese, say that his English is very good. In fact, not all Chinese know English, and those who know consider it their special skill. Focus on this feeling and be sure that the Chinese will begin to treat you with great warmth.

    Even if, in fact, you have difficulty understanding the words your Chinese friend speaks to you in English, remember that you are not the professional essay writers, and you are not taking an English exam. Just make a little compliment.

    And by the way, starting to learn Chinese is always a good idea. Nothing brings together better than the ability to speak the same language. Even if you know only a few phrases, this is an occasion to think of you as a person who respects the Chinese language and culture.

    Admire the Beauty of Chinese Girls


    The Chinese believe that the human face is the most beautiful part of the body. This will be paradoxical for you because it usually seems to the average Westerner that the faces of all Chinese are completely identical. But in reality, this is not so – especially if you look at the Chinese girls. Many of them are really very beautiful – find the right moment and say that you admire the beauty of Chinese women.

    Just in case! This tip only works when a man speaks to a man, as you understand.

    Get Used to the Gift-Giving Culture

    Giving gifts is a normal practice for Chinese friends. Moreover, at that moment when you receive a gift, even if it is just a trinket, you can assume that you are already in the favorites list. The Chinese like to make each other small surprises and give souvenirs after returning from another city or country.

    Be Ready to Pay for the Whole Company

    This is another sign that you have managed to become friends. Remember, if a Chinese person still considers you a foreigner and a stranger, he will never let you pay in a restaurant or cafe for the whole company. And by the way, joint trips to restaurants by a large company is also part of Chinese traditions.


    These people are very fond of eating. All important decisions are made with meals. Therefore, at that moment when you will be allowed to pay the total bill, be sure that you have already become a part of this company.

    Be Prepared to Be Friends With the Whole Family of Your New Friend

    For Chinese, friends are always more than just friends. For these people, friends are those people who are ready to do anything for each other. And moreover, very often friends become part of a large family. This is a kind of friend-sharing culture. And this is just the case when knowledge of the Chinese language will be very valuable to you – perhaps the parents of your new friend do not know English. It would not be wise to allow a language barrier to destroy intergenerational friendships.

    Do Not Discuss Chinese Politics and History

    This is a forbidden topic for foreigners. As you know, the Communist Party rules China, and freedom of speech is a very relative concept for this political system. Your new Chinese friend may or may not agree with party policy, but in this culture, it is not customary to express one’s opinions openly.

    Nevertheless, be prepared to talk about politics, business, and traditions in your country. The ban on discussing their political situation makes the Chinese very curious when it becomes possible to discuss any other country. So, prepare some interesting stories in advance. Better yet, in Chinese.


    China is beautiful and specific. Like the people who inhabit it. There is a cultural and linguistic gulf between them and us, however, it is still possible to jump over it if you know the main features of the Chinese mentality, culture, and attitude to relations.

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