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    Magento: E-commerce with Ease

    In a world full of content management systems, only one can be crowned the best. Magento is the one that can satisfy your every need and manage your content for an e-commerce website the same way you’d do it if you were a content management system yourself. Moreover, this system is open-source and basically free for you to use, which is why it has been a crowd favorite for quite some time now.

    Magento became the world’s most used e-commerce content management system very quickly and almost every third company uses it today. So, why is it so beloved, what are some of its drawbacks and how does it handle competition?

    The Perks

    As mentioned before, Magento is free of charge and there are no restrictions to its use. An average user will handle it easily and learn its tricks in no time, but, if you are a specialist, you will be able to alter its code and add new features and designs to your e-commerce website. Also, you can always ask a fellow Magento enthusiast for advice and get the help you need from its large community. That way, you will be able to manage your content and social media presence in an improved and more successful way.

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    Furthermore, one of the other reasons to use Magento is the fact that it is highly SEO friendly. Namely, since SEO is such a big part of the modern business, it is essential to have a content management system that is compatible with SEO features and requirements. These range from easy social media content management to Google-friendly URLs and many others. Without these, none of the best SEO experts in the world would be able to do their work properly.

    The Drawbacks

    Despite its many perks, there is one problem with Magento that might be a deal breaker for some users. Even though it is, unlike a number of other CMS options, scalable and adaptable to the size of your company, it does not work well with small businesses.

    Magento is great for big ventures and middle-sized businesses and literally grows with your company until you reach that Fortune 500 level.

    However, it is less applicable if you are a new family owned business with not that much money to invest in a content management system. Magento requires you to hire a person in charge of it and not all small business can do that.

    The Popularity

    The reason behind Magento’s massive popularity which has been going on for several years now lies in the aforementioned benefits it offers. A reliable CMS that is not going to cause you any problems or experience glitches means a lot in this day and age. Simply knowing that your content-related work is being handled by such a system – and even while you are not physically at your computer – is reassuring and calming.


    Additionally, Magento includes a number of optional features and applications, so you can think about customizing your site’s templates and themes with it, as well as use Magento hosting and be certain that all your sensitive data is protected and safe. With such a range of services, it is no wonder that Magento is the content management system today.

    The Bottom Line: Comparison

    When compared to other similar systems such as Shopify, Magento has had much success. Many people immediately say that its best feature is its free-of-charge policy, while Shopify requires payment. Also, Magento excels in the terms of customizability because, unlike its competitor, it allows you to change basically everything you want to (a perk of open source phylosophy). Ultimately, it handles multiple storefronts, languages and currencies, and this feature alone makes it much more global than Shopify.

    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus Jensen
    Marcus is an Australian IT support professional. He’s running his own business, working with companies that outsource their IT maintenance. He often writes about technology, business and marketing and is a regular contributor on several sites.

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