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    Machine Protection: The No-Fluff Guide to Way Covers

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    When it comes to CNC machining, companies sometimes find it difficult to keep their machines working properly.

    Protection is key for the prevention of damage that can cause costly malfunctions in CNC machines. One of the best ways to protect these machines is with way covers. Learning about way covers and all they entail will help companies to make the right decisions for the level of protection their CNC machines require.

    What Are Way Covers?

    Way covers are specifically manufactured to ensure CNC machines are protected at all times. These covers are made by companies like Dynatect Manufacturing, and they help to extend the lifespan of CNC machines.

    Way covers go by multiple names, including telescopic covers, machine slideway protection, machine bellows, and others. There are two types of way covers that can be used to cover CNC machines. No matter which type a company chooses, they must purchase the highest quality way cover to ensure complete protection.

    Types of Way Covers

    As stated above, there are two main types of way covers for CNC machines. There are steel way covers and way covers made of fabric. Understanding the different types will help companies protect their CNC machines effectively and assist them in avoiding costly repair issues that can lead to a complete breakdown or the need for a machine replacement.

    What Are Steel Way Covers?

    Telescopic steel way covers are one of the most protective way covers in the industry. These steel way covers effectively provide slideway and CNC machine protection. Steel way covers protect against corrosive liquids, environmental concerns, and destructive materials which can cause catastrophic harm to a CNC machine or slideway.

    These covers are very easy to repair and tune. Many companies choose steel way covers because optional additions can be added according to the needs of the company and the CNC machines they operate.

    What Are Fabric Way Covers?

    Fabric way covers are CNC machine bellows that offer protection for the components of CNC machines. Constructed from lightweight materials, these fabric way covers are designed to offer versatility and ensure all types of CNC machines can be covered effectively.

    These accordion way materials are primarily made of fabrics, but they can also be constructed of lightweight plastic and foils. Like steel way covers, these fabric covers are customizable to meet the unique needs of each CNC machine.

    Why Should Companies Repair Their Way Covers?

    No matter the type of way cover, wear and tear are going to happen over time. It is important way covers are repaired when damages occur so the components of the CNC machinery will not be damaged during production. The way cover, when installed correctly and undamaged, completely seals out dirt, dust, paint, liquids, and chips that could cause damages to the machine.

    Discover More About These Services

    Protecting their expensive CNC machines is in the best interest of companies that want to protect their bottom line and prevent unnecessary costs. Way covers are one of the best ways to protect these machines because they offer extensive coverage for all the components of the machine.

    When choosing way covers and having them installed, it is essential companies work with professionals to ensure their machines are protected in every way possible. When damages occur, seeking way cover repair services will help to keep the CNC machines from becoming damaged because of tears and gaps.

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