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    5 Best WordPress Plugins for Login Page Designers

    On a WordPress website, every page plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall user experience. A customized login page must be designed to align perfectly with your brand to elevate your brand’s image and overall success. Look no further if you’re searching for a login page design plugin that caters to your unique requirements!

    We have compiled a list of the best WordPress login page plugins to help you find the perfect match for your website.

    What is a Custom Login Page Designer Plugin

    A custom login page designer plugin is a software tool or extension that provides users with the ability to customize and personalize the login page of a website or web application. This type of plugin is typically designed for platforms like WordPress and offers a range of features and options to modify the login page’s appearance, layout, and functionality.

    Using a custom login page designer, users can often change the background image or color, adjust the login form layout, add or remove fields, customize the logo or branding elements, and apply various styling options such as fonts, colors, and effects. These plugins may also allow users to include additional login page elements like social media login buttons, custom messages or instructions, and password reset or registration forms.

    Best Custom Login Page Design Plugins for Designers

    Elementor Pro

    Elementor, the leading page builder plugin for WordPress, offers unparalleled versatility in creating dynamic web pages. With Elementor, you can revamp the essential static pages of your website, like home, about us, and contact pages, but also tailor-made pages for WordPress login and registration.

    A standout feature of Elementor is its built-in Login widget, exclusively available in the pro version. This powerful tool empowers you to design custom login and registration pages easily. With the Login widget, you can effortlessly configure a redirect page upon successful login, customize the appearance of the login button, and personalize the message displayed to users. Elementor’s intuitive visual editor ensures that creating an aesthetic login page is a seamless experience.


    LoginPress is a leading player among the diverse range of custom login page plugins available in the WordPress directory, with a user base of over 200,000. LoginPress lets users personalize and enhance their WordPress login pages by seamlessly customizing various fields and layouts. From fine-tuning error messages associated with forgotten passwords, login failures, or registration issues, LoginPress offers an exhaustive range of customization options.

    While the core plugin is available for free, the premium version of LoginPress provides an array of enticing benefits that include:

    • access to professionally designed login templates,
    • A diverse collection of Google Fonts,
    • Robust Google ReCaptcha integration, and
    • An extensive array of LoginPress Addons.

    LoginPress offers four premium package options to accommodate varying preferences, ensuring users select the ideal solution tailored to their specific requirements.

    Custom Login Page Customizer

    Custom Login Page Customizer is a powerful login page designer plugin that allows you to personalize your login page through its user-friendly interface. Unlike other plugins in the market, this one is free and doesn’t offer any premium version. Despite being free, it offers an extensive range of customizable features that allow you to take full control of your login page’s appearance. With the Custom Login Page Customizer, you can easily modify the following elements according to your preferences:

    ·        Templates: Choose three professionally designed login templates that perfectly match your website’s style.

    ·        Background: Customize the background of your login page to create a cohesive and visually appealing experience for your users.

    ·        Logo: Add your logo to the login page, ensuring brand consistency and enhancing your website’s identity.

    ·        Form: Edit the login form, adjusting its layout and design to align with your website’s aesthetic.

    ·        Fields: Modify the fields within the login form, tailoring them to gather the specific information you require from your users.

    ·        Button: Customize the login button, making it visually appealing and encouraging user engagement.

    Custom CSS and JavaScript: For advanced users, this plugin allows you to add your own custom CSS and JavaScript code, providing endless possibilities for further customization.

    Social Login

    Social Login is a revolutionary plugin that revolutionizes user login experiences! This innovative tool lets you and your clients enjoy seamless logins using various social networks. The possibilities are endless, with over 40 social networks available, including popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But here’s the real game-changer: by combining this plugin with another login page plugin, you unlock a whole new level of possibilities.

    While the basic version of Social Login is free, a premium version offers exclusive features tailored to take your login experience to the next level. By upgrading to the premium version, you gain access to a range of benefits, including:

    ·        Increased number of unique login users per year

    ·        Expanded allowance for multiple domains

    ·        Enhanced and priority support from our team of experts

    Digits: WordPress Mobile Number Signup and Login

    Digits is an innovative solution that enhances user registration and login experiences by eliminating the hassle of password management. This powerful plugin allows your website visitors to effortlessly sign up and log in using their phone numbers and the convenience of receiving a secure one-time password (OTP) via SMS. Incorporating Digits into your website design instantly elevates your professional image, offering users an alternative and streamlined authentication process.

    While Digits does require a license for usage, the benefits it brings to the table make it a worthwhile investment. Its interactive page builder lets you create a visually engaging login interface, boasting 50+ elements and an extensive selection of customizable options.

    Key features of Digits include:

    ·        Freedom of unlimited free SMS for user verification.

    ·        No coding skills are required, allowing even non-technical users to integrate Digits into their websites effortlessly.

    ·        Robust, instant, and highly secure authentication methods for peace of mind.

    ·        Developer-friendly functionalities that enable seamless customization and integration within existing systems.

    ·        Benefit from free lifetime updates, ensuring your plugin remains up-to-date with the latest enhancements and security patches.

    Colorlib Login Customizer

    The Colorlib Login Customizer plugin offers unparalleled versatility in customizing the login form for WordPress. It encompasses all the features typically found in premium plugins, except in this instance, you can obtain them at no cost. This aspect is awe-inspiring.

    Distinguishing itself from alternative plugins, Colorlib Login Customizer enables customization through the WordPress Customizer. If you possess prior experience in personalizing or configuring themes, you will find its user-friendly interface to be familiar and intuitive.

    Erident Custom Login and Dashboard

    The plugin offers many functionalities, encompassing extensive customization possibilities such as background, fonts, animations, colors, opacity, gradients, and various impressive CSS capabilities. Additionally, it provides the ability to modify the footer text within the administrative dashboard, enabling the creation of tailor-made solutions for clients.

    One prominent aspect of this plugin is its import/export feature for settings. This functionality significantly simplifies the management of multiple websites, thus, streamlining the process for users.

    YITH Custom Login

    If you find the default WordPress login page uninteresting, you can enhance it significantly by utilizing YITH Custom Login. Instead of settling for a monotonous appearance, you can personalize it according to your preferences. Incorporating original and appealing elements adds an extra layer of security to your already excellent website.

    Within the appearance settings is a Login Screen section, where you can effortlessly customize your default login page to your exact specifications. Notably, proficiency in coding or design is not required to utilize YITH Custom Login effectively. This plugin is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to beginners, enabling anyone to unleash their creativity to the fullest extent.

    White Label

    White Label is a robust and practical WordPress plugin that offers extensive customization for your login page. However, its scope goes beyond the login page, enabling you to personalize and style the entire WordPress dashboard. Whether you are implementing these changes for your website or managing multiple clients, White Label empowers you to enhance the visual appearance of both the login page and the admin dashboard, providing a fully customizable experience.

    The versatility of White Label is virtually boundless. It enables you to incorporate custom colors, background images, and logos, as well as the flexibility to modify the welcome message according to your preferences. You can add a custom touch with White Label, whether a distinct color scheme, an engaging background image, or your logo.

    BM Custom Login

    In addition to the typical functionalities such as CSS customization, image addition, and background customization, BM Custom Login stands out with its distinctive templates feature. The developer has ingeniously established a Flickr community where plugin users collaborate and showcase their personalized login page designs.

    By utilizing the provided PSD file in the image template folder of the plugin, one can fashion a novel layout and subsequently upload the new template to the plugin’s designated resource folder.  

    Custom Login Page Styler

    Custom Login Page Styler is a user-friendly and straightforward plugin designed to facilitate the customization of your login page effortlessly, all without requiring coding knowledge. This exceptional plugin empowers you with absolute authority over the visual aesthetics of your login page, enabling you to craft a distinctive and personalized experience for users visiting your WordPress website.

    Notably, the plugin seamlessly manages the customization of various essential pages, including the login page, admin login page, registration page, and password recovery page, thus offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing the overall user journey and interface within your WordPress ecosystem.

    Admin Custom Login

    Admin Custom Login is a widely acclaimed plugin renowned for its user-friendly interface, robust functionality, and remarkable popularity. This amazing custom login page plugin offers unparalleled convenience, enabling seamless customization and styling of every aspect of your login page. With its extensive features, users gain full control over elements such as the background image, login form, color schemes, and the ability to incorporate their site logo, among other customizable options.

    Moreover, this plugin boasts an impressive suite of professional tools designed to optimize your login page, including Social Media Login, Login with Access Token, an Interactive Plugin Dashboard, Google reCaptcha integration, and engaging Slide Show Animation Effects. This comprehensive range of features ensures administrators and users a truly elevated and personalized login experience.

    Secure Pattern Lock – WordPress Security Plugin

    It is an innovative plugin designed specifically for WordPress, enabling users to personalize their login page with an intelligent pattern signature. This exceptional plugin has garnered widespread acclaim due to its accurate coding and unparalleled security features, fortified by a robust SHA-256 encryption key. With a strong emphasis on user experience, Secure Pattern Lock offers seamless responsiveness, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing interface across various mobile devices.

    Moreover, this remarkable plugin empowers users to enhance their security by incorporating additional protective functionalities. Customize your login page further by leveraging the option to employ a unique custom URL, effectively fortifying access control. Safeguarding against unauthorized access, the plugin facilitates blacklisting and whitelisting for IP addresses, granting meticulous control over site accessibility. Furthermore, Secure Pattern Lock empowers users to tailor the forgotten password box to their liking, providing a personalized touch to the password recovery process.

    Pathway Custom WordPress Login Page

    The Pathway Custom WordPress Login Page plugin offers a comprehensive solution for individuals seeking to personalize and enhance the appearance of their WordPress login page. With its premium features, this plugin allows users to customize and style their login page, allowing for a unique and visually appealing experience. By incorporating a modern flat design, the plugin caters to those who desire a departure from the conventional glossy and shadow effects commonly seen.

    Moreover, this versatile theme boasts an array of design options, offering limitless possibilities to tailor the login page to suit individual preferences, fostering engagement and creating an alluring aesthetic. Additionally, the plugin empowers users to incorporate their custom logo effortlessly, tailor copyright text, and implement hover effects, further enhancing the customization potential. Notably, including shaker effect options enable users to select and adjust this feature according to their specific requirements, granting a higher degree of control over the login page’s dynamic aspects.   

    Wrap Up

    This post lists the top 5 best WordPress login page plugins with various features. You can install any of them as per your business preference. You don’t have to download any additional plugins if your WP website was created using Elementor because Elementor (pro version) already has a Login widget that you can include on your unique login page.

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