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    Listen to a Free Chart Based Internet Radio from Songspin

    songspinSongspin has created a perfect recipe for many free internet radios. They usually take information from the best online charts and then compare them to the free available music on Sound cloud. This matching is done until the list of most popular songs is created in every genre. After that they mix it so that you can enjoy some new music every day. In short we can say that they create great radio stuff from free things. Your life can be made easy if you are a listener but for this you have to use and then click on genre. Voila for instant music. Most of the tracks are available for download for free so you can simply click on the tile for downloading it.

    You can Personalize Songspin – For keeping a track of music you have to make an account. So with this you can easily keep track of your favorite music also song spin keep track of the recently listened music so that you can visit them again.

    Songspin iPad & iPhone Application – In iPhone and iPad you can find Song spin in iTune store. Get Your Music into Song spin. Song spin is built on SoundCloud and various charts mentioned above but the best way to get noticed is to get free music on your Sound Cloud and then make yourself noticed on various big online charts. This will also increase chance of noticing you somewhere else.

    songspin online iphone radio app sonspin iphone radio app

    Why you should use Songspin as Online radio? -The information of chart from Song spin is collected from various sources like Pitchfork, Hyoe Machine, Billboard, Wind up Records, iTunes and With the help of this you can easily learn about various sound tracks and can get the knowledge about the popularity of artists.

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    1. Seems to be a pretty good internet and interesting idea for an internet radio service. I am certainly going to download it on my iPad and try it out.


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