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    One of the Classics: Linksys WRT546 Wireless-G BroadBand Router

    wireless broadband router

    Surfing the web has become an important part of your life.

    Everything is now digitalized: shopping, paying bills, connecting with friends, work, and more! For you to stay updated, you need a trusted internet router. This is where Linksys WRT546 wireless-G broadband enters the conversation. This router has been in the market for quite a long time now. However, it remains one of the most reliable and classic routers from Linksys. Read on below to know why the demand for this router is still high. 

    What makes this router special? 

    It is a 3-in-1 residential gateway, wireless router. It can act as a router, wireless access point, a 4-port Ethernet switch. Linksys WRT54G complies with 802.11g and 802.11b (2.4GHz) standards. Even though multiple devices share the same network, each one of them can enjoy high-speed cable or DSL Internet connection. It has a speed of 54 MBPS. This router is easy to control and has good parental control service. Unlike modern routers, its antennas are detachable. Given its build, this router is durable. 

    The first Linksys WRT54G was released way back in 2002. Almost two decades later, people are still patronizing this router. It has sold more than 50 million units already and counting. 

    Quality Performance

    This router is more suitable for homes and small offices. A lot of users gave positive reviews about the performance of Linksys WRT54G. It’s good for medium to long ranges, leaving no dead spots in your homes. The SecureEasySetup feature makes it easier for users to use their routers. Simply run the Router’s Setup Wizard CD-ROM then follow the instructions on how to use SecureEasySetup. This will only take a few minutes. See how simple? 

    The router’s 4 standard 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports make multitasking efficient. You can directly plug in your computer and simultaneously connect your phone wirelessly. You may access the web-based utility for advanced configurations. The user-interface is pretty easy to navigate and has everything you need. No need to outsource because setup is beginner-friendly. 

    Security features

    Going wireless poses more security threats than wired connections since hackers can intrude radio waves. But worry not since the Linksys WRT54G has a lot of security features. This router also has two types of firewalls. First is the Network Access Translation (NAT) firewall. Second is the Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) which protects you from online attacks. Secure your network with the WI-Fi Protected Area 2 (WPA2) feature. It also has WEP and wireless MAC filtering. It also has an access-control policy where you can create up to 10 policies. It has a Blocking Access feature for web filtering so you won’t need to worry about cookies collecting your data, as well as a VPN pass-through feature. 

    Other features

    The router can also double as a DHCP server. Its Open Source firmware makes it easier for some users to explore its capabilities. You may also do wireless bridging. You may also upgrade the router’s firmware. To do this, you have to download the router’s firmware upgrade file from Linksys’ website. All of the router’s LAN ports support Auto-Crossover (MDI/MDI-X). The Linksys WRT54G router has a Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) feature, which lets you assign the host of the network and domain name to an IP address. There are also advance routing functions. 

    System Requirements

    The operating system must be at least the following: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition


    Linksys has been innovating and has the vision of mainstreaming wireless connectivity around the world. If you want a simple and affordable router that gets the job done, then Linksys WRT54G router is for you. It has been proven over the years its reliability and stability. Some people may be wondering why others still opt for this router when there are more advanced routers in the market. Well, this may be associated with name recognition, its price point, and it supports open-source firmware. If you’re still not convinced with this router’s performance, you can look for thousands of reviews online or there are millions of satisfied users that you can ask out there. 

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