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    Learn how to advertise your marketing campaign with social media videos

    Everyday millions of social media videos are resulting in sales of hundred million dollars. It’s no surprise that brands are quickly hopping on video marketing strategy.

    Creating video content is much more time-consuming than image or text based content. However, they are the most efficient and effective way of marketing. Videos not only boost awareness and traffic but also lead to conversion, engagement, and results.

    There are short videos, animated explainer videos, ads videos and other forms which are loved by people these days. With a pinch of storytelling, you can not just grab the attention but make the viewer watch a complete video.

    When it comes to social media, you already have people glued to their phones. You just need to produce a sparkle and they will keep following you.

    Suppose you plan your video content with animated explainer videos and include all the important elements of social media videos like telling a story, creating impact by humanizing and sharing your brand values. In that case, social videos have a higher impact on your viewers across the platforms in comparison to using static images.

    Perks of having video marketing as part of your marketing plan

    When it comes to video marketing, you give yourself the best chance to convert viewers. Video advertisements grab the attention of your audience, and when a viewer tunes in with your video ads, your brand awareness goes high up. With the increase in the video marketing trend, even

    YouTube has launched its creator’s program for reviewing and maintaining the integrity of the video ads on the platform.

    YouTube has launched its creator’s program for reviewing and maintaining the integrity of the video ads on the platform.

    Also, video marketing is gaining momentum among marketers because videos are shareable and increase reach. People love sharing videos that they find insightful and funny. And with social media, it is more likely that videos of your brands or products will be shared among the users.

    Videos are great for advertisement as-

    • You can convey more in a short time.
    • You can tell a story
    • You can add pics, videos, and audio to the ads.
    • You can make attractive advertisement
    • You can retain a viewer with video ads

    Less time, More value.

    That’s why videos are being watched more than any form of content on the web.

    Video Advertising Is a Must in Your Marketing Mix

    First of all, marketers are spending their money on video marketing for almost all platforms. And if you are not doing video marketing, you are losing a competitive advantage.


    Imagine telling your brand story with ad banners and text. You will be ignored by the audience who do not pay heed to the text advertisement.

    But with video marketing, you can be sure about telling your part of the brand story effectively.. 93% of brands say their videos on social media helped them get more customers. Nevertheless, if your video is creative and conveys the message, you will have better conversations with your prospects.

    Use catchy and trending audio. Use the creativity of using trending hook stops or trending actions so that your audience does not forget you. Also, advertising with videos gives you the flexibility to show off your product in multiple ways. You can demonstrate the usability of the product or create an explainer features & benefits-based video. 

    Video ads start automatically on our social media platform, so you can strategically place your product at the starting of the video to increase the visibility of your products. Analysts also believe that the 5G network has increased the chances of the popularity and exposure of video marketing in the present and future also.

    We have curated this guide to help you understand social media marketing across six social media platforms. You could use these tips and tricks and make a sensational video marketing campaign for your brand.

    Let’s get started…

    How to advertise your marketing campaign with social media videos

    In this article, we are sharing our best tips and tricks that work best with several social media platforms. They are effective and, if done correctly, generate huge results.

    Facebook and Instagram Video Ads

    Facebook is the most versatile and low-cost advertising platform when it comes to video ads. Facebook has more than two billion advertising audiences which have increased from the past quarter.

    Facebook Video

    The Facebook marketing features help companies to drive users to the brand by using the sales funnel marketing. You can also recapture your target audience with remarketing campaigns across the platform.

    • Test your marketing campaigns with the video views counter and check with the prospects. Make your social media videos effective and relatable for your users.
    • Users love animated explainer videos as they tell a story, impact their decision, entice them with your features. You can always experiment with your video ad campaigns. You could also set custom audiences using the percent of duration for views in the video ads.
    • This helps you to understand and segregate your views who have seen 50% or 75% of video ads.
    • This group of viewers is your interested cutters, and if they have not made a purchase with you yet, you will have to retarget them to compel them to make a purchase. Retargeting and remarketing with the customer group of heavy interest is the best way to advertise campaigns for your brands.
    • You could also add links to your website or landing pages for your views to offer them reasons for using or buying your products.

    On the other hand, Instagram video ads need creativity and strategy to make them effective. Story ads offer 15 seconds of the window for a single story; however, if you want to create a carousel, the feature offers 120 seconds of video ads. The feed video ads give you up to 60 seconds of time to tell your brand story to your customers.

    Pinterest Video Ads

    While many people think that for companies and brands, using Facebook and Instagram is just rough. However, you cannot underestimate the effectiveness of the Pinterest platform.

    Pinterest video platforms have shown some impressive results when it comes to direct conversion and bringing traffic to your website. You can use this platform for your upper level of the sales funnel.

    • The Pinterest video ad platform is inexpensive if you compare them with other social media platforms. You can launch video ads like animated explainer videos on this platform, and retarget prospects on other social media platforms for increasing the visibility of brands.
    • With Pinterest, you can target the audience with interest, attract them to sign up with you, or visit your website for lead generation.
    • If you are new to Pinterest ads, you must know that Pinterest offers two types of video ads styles. One is regular, in which you can run videos ads in the size of the pin. And another is double the size of videos but covers more screens for users. If you opt for the maximum size for your advertisement campaign, it may cost you a little higher but is more effective and has benefits.

    Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest encourages its advertisers to use overlapping text on their videos. And if you have added sound to your videos for explaining or instruction, make sure you enable the caption features, as this will make your video ads available for the user who has a hearing impairment. Make animated explainer videos for your brands so that you can show your prospects about usage and functionality of your products.

    LinkedIn Video Ads

    If your business aims to the professionals, LinkedIn Ads are the best option available. The advertisement in Linkedin with the video content is designed to target the prospects for driving traffic to the websites, create brand awareness and let people know about your product/service.

    • The advertisement in the LinkedIn platform helps you position yourself as an expert or industry leader. You can make brand story videos, or interviews with your associates, or testimonial videos with your clients. All these tips will help you create an everlasting impression on your viewers, and they can approach you for services.

    • You can test the campaigns with shorter videos and add compelling CTA for longer videos on other platforms.
    • Video marketing and remarketing with LinkedIn ads are excellent ways to increase conversion. However, don’t forget to switch on the captions of the video as it is off by default.

    Many marketers have seen results with LinkedIn ads when you want to specifically target the lower funnel prospects. You can make videos for your prospects by showing demonstrations of the products. Encourage them to check out the products from your webpage and offer opportunities to visit your webinar or upcoming events.

    Twitter Video Ads

    With the increase in viewership on Twitter, the advertising platform of the channel has increased by more than 60%. You can create attention-grabbing and short video ads for your products.

    • For Twitter, it’s ideal if you create 6-15 seconds of videos. And try to show your product in the first 10 seconds of the videos. However, if you do not show your product early on, your viewers might lose interest or miss out on your product demonstration.
    • If your videos contain your audio, make sure you add captions for a better understanding of the video ads.
    • When you aim to advertise on Twitter, you need to keep the video ads brief and short. With Twitter ads, you can create storyboards for getting engagements, website traffic, and video views.
    • You can accomplish your advertisement goals like getting app installments, signing up for seminars or webpage, selling newsletters, and many more. The key for the Twitter advertisement is to grab the attention of the viewers within 10 seconds.

    Just like Instagram and Facebook ads, Twitter ads also encourage the vertical format of the advertisement. But the video ads cover more space and a better mode of marketing when it comes to effective marketing. You must keep your copy of the advertising brief and be creative for viewers to take action. Also, make sure that your brand logo is placed on the right top corner of the video for brand recall.

    Snapchat Video Ads

    If you have not tried the Snapchat platform for advertisement, then you are losing the race. Snapchat offers a comprehensive and brief way to advertise your brands with 3-10 seconds of full view vertical video ads.

    • The Snapchat video ads are shown in the stories in between the story of the friends and SnapChat’s curated stories. They make sure your ads get exposure. And if you want your viewers to get to your page or site or to the link, you have the swipe-up option like we used to have on Instagram.
    • The Snapchat videos ads are designed to generate traffic to the webpage, install the app, buy the book, and many more. They have a strong CTA option which makes the campaign interesting.
    • If you are not using the Snapchat platform for advertising, you can run the test campaign with Snapchat for the campaigns that are doing good on Instagram for better comparison. It is a good idea to use the Snapchat video ads like animated explainer videos in addition to Facebook ads, as there are more chances to view the ads with audio than on Facebook.

    Use these Tips and Tricks for creating better and effective video ads.

    It does not matter if you are running ads on all the platforms due to constraints. But you can always test run the ads on other platforms. For testing, you can use the existing video contents which are doing well on one platform. Test them on others and check if you could gather the data for the benefit of the brand you are representing.

    You can always use the data with your customers and show them how your test runs will help them generate more revenue. Once you have a proper understanding of the video ads on different platforms, you can better plan your marketing campaign.

    Lastly, video is a powerful medium for creative expression, so use it to your advantage by introducing people to your brand and inviting them to go on a journey through your company.

    Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility – An Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye to creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients , she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry.

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