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    Learn Some Effective White Hat SEO Techniques for Your Site

    white hat seo techniques

    To improve the position of your site in the results page of the search engine, you need to learn some effective white hat seo techniques.

    The web spiders and crawlers analyze your pages based upon your targeted keywords.

    Thus, keyword placement is a very necessary factor of optimizing your site.

    Here, you can get some white hat techniques for optimizing your site properly:

    Quality Content:

    This is the one of the primary factors that helps to optimize your site in a natural way.

    The end-users can be provided with useful and informative content for their relevant search.

    For example, imagine a customer searching different types of refrigerators.

    Website A is including information about refrigerators in just three small paragraphs on their home page and contact page.

    Now, website B describes all the products they are offering with their price, technical explanations and how they can be obtained easily.

    So, which one do you think is the quality content?

    Definitely, website B is including useful and quality content according to the needs of the target users.

    Keyword Placement:

    If you have several elements and sections in your page, it is always safe to use your keyword in the header element and in the title.

    Over-using the keywords throughout your pages may be considered a ‘spam’ by the search engine spiders.

    Semantic Mark Up:

    If you mark-up and structure semantically, your webpage content can be easily crawled by the search engines.

    The header elements must be clearly chosen.

    CSS can be used for differentiating the elements of design and content.

    Therefore, the search engines can find it easy to understand all the elements in your web page.

    Meta Data and Titles:

    You need to start planning for applying the right title and Meta data.

    The keyword research can help you in the selection of the appropriate keyword phrases.

    Multi-word phrases can become more effective than single keyword for your Meta data and titles.

    You need to use the phrases throughout all the pages in the important elements like H1, H2 tags, title tags, alt tags, title, Meta description, Meta keyword, links and texts.

    Link Analysis:

    The analysis of the links is very important for understanding whether they are relevant with your webpage or not.

    Most of the search engines generally perform link analysis before providing the ranking results.

    If it can be observed that large numbers of links are coming naturally in your site, your page will surely get a boost in the ranking.

    So, link exchanges and trading links can never serve your purpose if they are not fulfilling the relevancy factor.

    Inbound Links:

    The inbound links to your website must be relevant in nature.

    If you are obtaining links from the other pages that are irrelevant with your content, they are considered as bad links.

    For example, you possess a website that sells spare parts and requisites of cars.


    Link X = link from a British Petroleum Company = Good link

    Link Y = link from a Beer company = Bad link

    Thus, while sourcing the links you are required to check on the quality and not the quantity of the links.

    You must be aware of the deep linking process which can appear throughout all the pages of your site and not just your homepage.

    The social media links, though they are no-follow links can be considered as good links.

    The links of quality articles can also serve your purpose.

    As Google is strict enough about the SEO techniques, you should avoid all the black hat techniques and stick towards the white hat ones to avoid getting affected by the Google updates.

    Author Bio:

    Peter Anderson is a well known SEO strategist and works in a renowned company. He is doing a research on the white hat and black hat techniques of SEO since 3 years. In his spare time, he loves writing SEO blogs and articles.

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