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    Intel’s new Silicon Photonics move data at 50 Gbps

    A new milestone has been established into the chips and bits world by Intel again. Intel has merged the silicon and laser technology together which has resulted into possible transmission of data at 50 Gbps between two components which is been expected to rise up to a speed of more than one Tbps (Terabyte per Second) in near future with the advancement of this newly invented technology. Intel has given the technology a name “Silicon photonics” which is likely to replace the usage of copper wires in order to connect peripherals to computer or one DTE (Data transmission entity) to another.

    The photonics technology basically consists of the fundamentals of removing the physical limitation showed by copper wires when used for long distant connections. The silicon photonics generally refers to the modulation, switching and transmission of light signals (carrying data bits) with the help of lasers and LED’s which would be done in a manner such that it could be helpful in improving the bandwidth of signal without having any influence of physical distance or any foreign noise creating particles between two transmission entities.

    If we go through the general terms, the speed provided by this technology, if applied on Internet connections, will be helpful in downloading about 50 gigabyte of data in less than one second. And it is not going to be less than a dream come true.

    Now let us study about photonics working manner. In photonics, each module consists of two basic parts: a silicon transmitter and receiver. The transmitter component has further four lasers whose light beams go through an optical modulator. The function of this modulator is to encode data on them at 12.5 Gbps. All four beams are then merged to give an output of total 50 Gbps data transmission rate.

    This has been tested by Intel for more than 25 hours continuously and it worked successfully with no errors or bugs. Thus we can imagine how reliable this technology is. This is completely a new face of fast computing. You can assume yourself that how the precious and valuable part of human time is going to be saved in large terms.

    In nutshell, the Intel has decided to give something new and different to the world, not just faster, but also better. And it is just the starting, we are actually now going to enter the new world of really high speed computing invented by the Intel. Let us hope for the best!

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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    1. This information is wrong. The new Intel technology is 50Gbps not 50 GBps. You cannot “download 50 gigabyte[s] of data in less than one second” with this technology. It is closer to 6.25 GBps.


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