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    Apple Breaks Silence on Bent iPhone 6

    bent iphone 6

    After various reports of bent iPhone 6 in users pockets, the Cupertino tech giant Apple has finally decided to break its silence and give an official statement on it.

    According to Apple, the iPhone 6 can’t be bent in people’s pockets; they have completely wrapped off the criticism by simply calling the bending of iPhones an “extreme condition”.

    They said,

    iPhone 6 have a good built quality which includes titanium and steel inserts to most stressed areas and it is almost impossible for the phones to bend in normal use.

    For the beginning of iPhone 6 sales which happened on September 19, nearly a shocking number of 10 million peoples have bought it; out of which less than 10 people have complained about the bent iPhone 6 in their pockets so far.

    This gives us insights whether it actually happens, or those people have put their phones in extreme conditions.

    The issue is not widespread as it is appearing in media.

    Apple further said that,

    the videos hitting and going viral on YouTube that shows bent iPhone 6’s are made intentionally to grab user’s attention and are deformed in artificial and non-ethical manners.

    Any phone can be bent, if you wish to bend it.

    The reports first emerged in Apple Enthusiast sites on Monday and it picked up its peak from there.

    Mat Honan (Contributor WIRED) also came up noting that his device has slightly bent in his pocket.

    The company even said that, both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models have been built with a very high quality materials and the phones are not only beautiful and stylish but sturdy as well.

    Both the phones are built with a custom grade of 6000 series anodized aluminum which provides extra strength to the cellphones.

    The phones even feature steel and titanium inserts on highly stressed areas of the smartphones that enables iPhones 6 models to withstand damages in normal conditions.

    iphone 6 bends

    According to Apple, both iPhone 6 models were able to successfully pass the so called “sit test”.

    A test done on smartphones that pretends sitting on very hard surfaces such as benches with their iPhones in their back pockets with a pair of tight jeans.

    The phones were passed through these tests in thousands of cycles of different sitting positions, which means the phones can’t be bent by just keeping it in the back pockets.

    Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models are made to meet and tolerate all average, real life usages.

    The iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5 inch display and is just 7.1 millimeters thin.

    The iPhone 6 Plus is the largest and slimmest smartphone ever produced by Apple and it has been made just to satisfy consumers who prefer smartphones with larger displays.

    Following the media reports of bending iPhone’s Apple has ordered its support staffs to replace the smartphones after taking a visual inspection of the device.

    The device will be replaced free-of-cost under Apple warranty if it’s a manufacturing defect.

    If you have any questions or problem, contact Apple Support to sort it out.

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