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    Install Guest Additions to Windows and Linux VMs in VirtualBox

    Ubuntu LogoIn case you are not aware, let me tell you, there is an option of installing Guest additions to Windows and Linux VMs in VirtualBox. The installation procedure for the same is discussed in this post. Installing Guest additions on Windows, Let us first have a look at the installation procedure of Guest additions on Windows 7. The settings given here are for version 3.0.2 on Windows 7 guest operating system’s 32 bit version.

    Guest additions come with certain device drivers and system applications that are basically installed to enhance the system performance. Following are the steps to be followed for installation:

    1. Start the Guest Operating System in VirtualBox.
    2. Click on the Devices tab and select Install Guest additions under it.
    3. A window would open up on your system. This is the autoplay window. Select the first option, i.e., RunVBoxWindowsAdditions.exe. On doing so, the UC screen would appear, click yes when it comes.
    4. The installation window would now open up. Click on Next in order to continue the process. Move through the various available options and select the ones that suit your requirement and are supported by your system.
    5. During the process you would get an option of Direct 3D Support. You may or may not choose this option depending upon your choice. However, it takes a greater number of your Host operating system’s resources and at the same time is experimental which makes the guest unstable.
    6. When you reach the final screen, where you would be clicking on the install tab, there you would also get the option of, Always trust software from “Sun Microsystems, Inc”, check this box and continue to click ‘Install’.
    7. Reboot the system, once the installation is done.

    B. Installing the Guest additions on Ubuntu, We will now learn how to install Guest additions on Ubuntu. The settings given here are for version 3.0.2 on Ubuntu 32 bit version.
    The procedure of installation is simple in Ubuntu when you have a virtual machine running on your system.

    1. Just click on Devices and then select Install Guest additions.
    2. With this, an icon would appear on your desktop and you will get a message box. Click Run to move to the next window where you would be asked to enter the admin password.Enter the password and click Ok.
    3. The installation process will start now. Click on enter, once it is done.
    4. Now reboot the guest operating system.
    5. You may also install the Guest additions via command line. All you need to do is to type the below mentioned commands:

    cd /media/cdrom


    sudo ./VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run

    6. Now reboot your PC by typing “sudo reboot” in the terminal window. This would complete the installation process.
    Install the Guest additions and enjoy its interesting features.

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