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    Install flash player on Google Chrome Browser – How to

    It is true that Google chrome is one of the fastest and widely use web browser which runs the web pages and applications with lightening speed. But older version of chrome shows some errors with the flash sites which are having video contents and need flash player to display them and the same things happens with the case of websites which need authentication. Usually, a message is popped up to download the latest version of Adobe flash player to display some content in it.
    Here are the steps given to Install Flash Player on Google Chrome.

    1. Firstly, Download the flash player for windows xpi file.

    2. Rename the file to .zip as its a file which directly interacts with your web browser and changes itself with the extension.
    ( Here You can also directly download zip file which is already renamed and uploaded – Download here )

    3. After this, extract this file to a new folder through WinZip. Now, you will see files – flashplayer.xpt and NPSWF32.dll which you have copied.

    4. Then go to the plugins folder of your Google chrome browser, which might be at –
    C/Documents and settings//Local Settings/Application Data/Google/Chrome/Application/Plugins/Now, paste both the files in this plugins folder and then close your Chrome browser and restart it.

    You can also check whether the installation is done perfectly or not by just watching a video in YouTube which requires the latest version of flash player to play the video.

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