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    Infolinks – Make Money with Text Advertising for publisher and advertisers

    Several bloggers are finding new methods of monetizing their websites, Infolinks, and the in-text advertisement has become the perfect primary solution. This is because it can work alongside Google Adsense, which enhances its accessibility to all the bloggers and publishers.

    Infolinks is one of the popular and most used in-text advertising program on the internet today.

    From personal experience, one of the main confusions that bloggers come across is deciding on the best monetization strategy to go for. This is because there are several ways through which you can make money from your blog. It would help if you were keen to avoid choosing a less effective method. Google Adsense was and has always been the most popular, almighty blog monetization strategy for a blogger for a long time. 

    However, today there are various Google AdSense alternatives, including Infolinks, which is considered the best of them all. The need for replacement is high, although their services are high, being that applying and getting approval from Adsense is a whole lot of work, tiring and would take a lot of time. This is because Google began limiting people from getting accounts anyhow. It is this one issue that brought about the birth of other in-texting programs like Infolinks and many more.

    Over time, Infolinks has grown to become the best source of income for bloggers who are not using AdSense or locked out by it.

    Why are people choosing Infolinks over other programs?

    There are many reasons, including the few that I mentioned above, that have made people choose Infolinks over the Google AdSense. It is not by surprise that it is becoming the most favorite program for many publishers today. 

    Apart from that, they are offering different advertising products like the in-frame, in-text, in-fold, and in-tags. All these forms of advertising styles help in overcoming the banner blindness the reason as to why AdSense acquires less percentage of clicks since many people ignore banners.

    That aside, info links have got a more straightforward process of withdrawal of your revenues than the AdSense. This is because they do not need specific widgets boxes before adding them to your site. 

    Installation of Infolinks ads on your website

    Create a publisher account with Infolinks, then copy and paste the JavaScript code into your website. In case you are using WordPress blog, the integration of Infolinks is more comfortable since it has plugins to help you.

    You do not need the JavaScript code to the places you want to show the ads manually. You only need it once on your website, and the automated systems will sort the rest. 

    After adding the code, you will begin generating textual ads for particular keywords from the pages of your website. Using Infolinks ads is easy than any other money-making alternative. 

    Markedly, you do not need high traffic or blog working as a publisher, but instead, you need genuine websites that have got genuine decent content and traffic to get approval. It starts working immediately after approval.

    The strategies you need to implement to begin making money using Infolinks ad

    A great way to increase your income is by customizing the ads in the following methods.

    • Use Ads with a single underline

     Configure your Infolinks ads to show the highlighted ads either through the single or the double underline. Several monetization experts say that going for the single line ad is essential because it makes your ads appear like the normal links. Therefore, there are high chances that the clients will click on those ads. It is all because they are placed within the content on your platform.

    • Ads blindness  

    First of all, it is desirable to set the color for your ads to make it easier differentiating the in-texts and the normal links on your site. The website’s links are usually in red, and you may likely think of showing your text ads in red to match it with the normal links. This will make it hard for your readers to differentiate the normal links from the external ad links. This will likely boost your Infolinks earning.

    • High paying keywords

    You can boost your infolinks earning through using some high paying keywords that are closely related to your niche. The Google Ad words keywords tool, can be used in discovering the right keywords related to your topic. The high traffic keywords are likely to earn you more money because the more relevant Infolinks ads will serve on your content, the more income. 

    Payment system

    The good thing with Infolinks is that they pay their publishers on time through various online methods of payment. It could either be MasterCard by Payoneer, bank wire or PayPal. It is advisable to have either PayPal or the Payooner account for faster release of the money into your account.

    When using Infolinks, it is easy to keep track of your earnings from your publisher’s dashboard. For example, you can quickly know what you earned from your account each day, by week, month, or even year. Other than that, you can equally track your essential stats that are related to the CTR, eCPM, and impression count, among many other things right from the publisher’s dashboard.


    Although there are various ways of making money while blogging, using Infolinks is considered one of the easiest ways. This is because using the Infolinks does not need any skill because even a new blogger can make money since there is no particular skill required. As earlier stated, it is a cakewalk acquiring approval of Infolinks, and there are no restriction rules like in the Google AdSense. Therefore, no strict banning when it comes to the use of Infolinks ads. If you are tired of using AdSense and want to try something new, then Infolinks ads to boost your websites earnings. It is also advisable for the bloggers whose AdSense accounts have never been approved as it offers a more comfortable and simpler method of earning as well.

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