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    How to Increase Your MacBook’s Battery Life

    One of the wonders from Apple is in the form of MacBook. Inspite of being thin in structure the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops have very good battery backup which can last up to nine hours also. In fact this is much more as compared to the life of a laptop. Few years back people carried spare batteries with them as back up with the. But with the advent of MacBook this problem is also solved.

    The battery life of MacBook is not everlasting

    The life of parts of computer is not ever lasting especially the batteries have very short life. Whenever you charge your MacBook  to 100% a charge cycle is added. You can divide the cycle as per days. For example if 20% on Monday and 80% on Tuesday will make one cycle. After the complete charge battery will behave just like a temperamental teenager.

    How to Increase Your MacBook’s Battery Life

    The maximum cycle count varies for different MacBooks.  To check out the battery cycles of these MacBooks you can check the website of Apple. After completion of one cycle count you should replace the battery to avoid facing problems like

    • Problem in charging
    • Battery not charging upto 100%
    • Low battery runtime

    When your battery needs replacement?

    Watching a movie on Mac is considered the best pass time. It requires a lot of battery. As you know after reaching critical battery the Mac will switch off in 15minutes. When such a case happens it means you need a battery replacement.

    How to Increase Your MacBook’s Battery Life?

    • Battery percentage on

    Before looking into improving the battery condition of the Mac Battery it is a better idea to see the charge level. When you can see the percentage battery on the menu bar you can make an idea when the battery needs improvement. So always make a point to keep the show percentage on. You can turn it on by clicking the battery icon in menu bar and select show percentage.

    • Update software

    The Apple developers are always working hard to improve the user experience. So it is your duty to make sure that your OS x is up to date.  An update in software can help you by far. It can increase Mac battery.

    • Energy bar

    Always keep the energy saving button on. It can be found on Energy saver section. This can prevent you to stay away from the condition of critical battery level.

    Way to use it:

    1. Click on Apple-go to system preferences and select energy saver.
    2. Check option Automatic graphics switching and turn on.
    3. Put the hard disk to sleep when possible.
    4. When not using a network you can turn off Wake for network access.
    • Reduce brightness

    Reducing the brightness of the screen can help you to save the life of Mac battery. So if you have kept high brightness then its time to dim your screen. The level of brightness may differ from person to person. Always select the level of brightness as per your convenience.

    To dim screen:

    Go to apple icon and select system preference. Then click on Displays and adjust the brightness level as per your need.  You can also search the F key with sun icon and increase or decrease the brightness.  For Macbook its F1 and F2 and F14 and F15 is on desktop Mac’s.

    • Close the apps running in background

    Sometimes there are numerous apps running in the background and you don’t have any idea also about. They also become a major cause of lowering down of battery.  To help your battery last longer time close all such apps.

    To know which all apps are running in background go to application then select utilities and check activity monitor. You will get a list of apps running and close the ones that are not required.

    This will let you know about a lot many apps about which you had no idea were running. You can uninstall the apps that are no longer required. It can further add to the battery life or increase life of battery.

    • Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

    Always make a point to turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed. They can also eat a lot battery. Turning them can boost your battery to considerable extend. You can turn off your WiFi by clicking on Airport in menu bar and choose the option turn WiFi off. To turn off Bluetooth go to Bluetooth icon and click turn Bluetooth off.

    • Clean System

    When you system is not optimized it will require greater effort from your end to do work. So when the Mac is optimized it will have less stress and as a result use less battery. This can be done by launch maintenance scripts and let the Clean My Mac option to do the work. It will not only improve performance but also improve battery life.

    So, these are some of the ways that can boost the battery and increase your Macbook’s Battery life. So you can easily know when to replace the battery and how to take care of its health.

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