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    iDevAffiliate Affiliate Management Software Review 2016

    If you have an online business that runs an affiliate marketing program, you would be interested in this iDevAffiliate Review 2016.  Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Several online businesses have affiliate programs where they pay commissions to affiliates to sell their products or services.

    But it’s not something that’s you can do on your own – there are many things you need to take care of, such as tracking commissions, payouts and creating ads. iDevAffiliate is an affiliate management software that does all of that for you.

    The iDevAffiliate affiliate management software was released in 1999 and since then has gone on to be one of the most popular solutions in the market. It allows affiliate managers to track commissions, run tracking up to the third tier, set different payouts based on percentage, per click, per lead and per sale, and create ads as well. IDevAffiliate comes with an extensive list of features that businesses require in order to run their affiliates smoothly.

    iDevAffiliate can be installed on your site, or you can host your site on the iDevAffiliate domain. iDevAffiliate can be easily integrated with a number of shopping cart solutions such as PayPal, ZenCart, CCbill, 2Checkout, and many more. With your subscription of iDevAffiliate, you can track your affiliate marketing campaign on a pay per sale, by percentage, per click, and per lead basis. You can set up custom payouts for special affiliates as well as for joint venture partners.

    With iDevAffiliate, you will know exactly how much traffic your site has been getting, and be able to make the commission payouts the right way. You will have access to the complete profile of individual affiliates and will be able to make the payments to them on time. iDevAffiliate is integrated with PayPal, which makes it so much easier for your to manage your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    One the iDevAffiliate website, there are training videos for both affiliates and affiliate managers on how to use the iDevAffiliate interface. Your affiliates will be given access to training documents, videos, tutorials much more. They will have all the access they need from materials such as banners, text links, PDF reports, etc. related to your brand. They will be able to view stats, earnings to date, traffic referral info, and account info and much more.

    iDevAffiliate allows affiliates to set up keyword tracking links, set sub affiliate tracking links, as well as  alternate incoming page links so that your affiliates will have a good idea of where their sales are coming from, how to maximize sales and reduce expenses. The idea is to help your affiliates achieve bigger profits – because the more successful your affiliates are, the better it is for your business.

    There are three versions of iDevAffiliate that can you buy from. There is the Standard edition which costs $199 per month, the Cloud edition that costs $39 per month, and the Platinum edition, which is the highest priced option at $299 per month.

    The Standard edition has features such a commission alert, commission stat addons and allows your affiliates to download apps that give them all the details on sales and other stats. All the data from iDevAffiliate can be easily exported to Quickbooks, should you want to.

    The Platinum edition gives you the same options as the Standard edition, with extra options such as language packs, enabling SEO links, etc.

    Most of the iDevAffiliate reviews we could find online were positive and nobody seems to have any major complaints regarding the product. It is sold for a reasonable price and is ideally suited to both small and medium-sized businesses looking for an efficient affiliate marketing management software.

    You will find more quality information on the iDevAffiliate affiliate management software here.


    Raghav Hegde
    Raghav Hegde
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