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    How to Winterize Your Luxury Vehicle

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    The holidays are here, and with them, celebrations at work, with family and with friends!

    If you’re planning an event over the winter holiday season and you want your guests to enjoy themselves without having to worry about walking in the cold or the safety of their luxury vehicles, partner with one of the only valet companies in Toronto that specializes in high-end events and luxury vehicles and make your party a truly special event.

    But before you and your loved ones drive to and fro over this holiday season, make sure that your luxury cars are ready for extremely low temperatures and dangerous driving conditions. Follow these tips, and you and your luxury vehicle should safely make it through rain, sleet or snow.

    Test Your Battery

    Having a fully functioning battery is crucial as the weather turns colder. The drop in temperature causes a drop in battery power that leads to an increased likelihood of failed starts. The older your car’s battery, the greater the chances that your car won’t start. 

    It’s a good idea to test your battery before the temperature drops, especially if it’s over four years old. If it is, you might want to consider replacing it.

    Consider Winter Tires

    While your luxury vehicle likely came equipped with high-performance, all-season tires, Southern Ontario and the GTA get snowfalls and ice storms they just aren’t designed to handle. Dedicated winter tires, especially those recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer as OEM winter tires, are specifically engineered for your vehicle’s height, weight, dimensions and performance specs and are designed to give them superior traction and control on slippery surfaces.

    However, just because your luxury winter tires are designed for superior performance, the last thing you need is to hit a patch of black ice at the wrong speed and end up at the body shop, so drive carefully. Winter tires generally last three to four seasons.

    Check Your Engine’s Fluids and Filters

    Engines take longer and work harder to reach their optimal operating temperatures on cold winter days, so you want to ensure that your oil and engine coolant levels are topped up. In the winter, add a little more anti-freeze than water. 

    Also, because salt and sand are used on the roads during snow and ice storms, keep an eye on your cabin’s air filter. They tend to get dirtier in the winter, and if you haven’t already, you might as well go ahead and replace it before the snow starts falling. The newer your air filter, the cleaner the air you breathe into your lungs.

    Check Your Heating System And Protect Your Paint

    It’s probably been a while since you checked your heaters, vents, and seat warmers, so don’t forget to make sure they’re working before it’s too late. Cycle through all the settings in both the front and back. 

    Finally, you need to protect your luxury vehicle’s precious paint. It’s a good idea to invest in a car wash package and to wash it constantly. This is also the season to use specially-formulated wax after washing and fully drying the exterior. And be sure to only use a snow brush with soft bristles made specifically for luxury vehicles.

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