windows-8You might be wondering as to why we are talking about windows 8 installation when it hasn’t even been released. For those of you who don’t know, windows 8 has been leaked on the web already.
A few simple steps are involved in installation of windows 8 on a virtual machine by way of a VM virtual box:

1. The very first thing you need to do is to install the VM Virtual Box. It can be downloaded by logging on here.

2. Now, launch a new virtual machine. You will see a new window, click on next to go to the second screen.

3. You would be asked to enter the Virtual Machine Name, the type of operating system and the version. You can choose any name, such as ‘Windows 8’. Select the Operating System as ‘Microsoft Windows’ and type in ‘Others’ in the version field. Now click on next.

4. Here you would be asked about the memory space that you would like to allocate to your VM. Choose it as per the space available on your PC. It is recommended to select at least 50% of your RAM so that the Virtual machine can run slickly.

5. Check the ‘Boot Hard Disk’ box, select ‘Create a new hard disk’ option and click next. A new wizard will open up that will help you create a virtual disk. Now click next.
You would be asked to select the Storage type and size of the virtual drive, choose ‘Dynamically expanding storage’ and minimum 15-20 GB.

6. Now click on next to get the options summary. And finally click on Finish. Your windows 8 installation on VM with a VM virtual box is now complete.


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