Twitter logoThere are many popular twitter client for ubunu -Linux. But Twidge is one of the popular twitter client, you can install it quickly in a few simple steps and use it to log in to your Twitter account. This article discusses the way in which this Twitter client can be downloaded and installed on an Ubuntu Linux system. It also discusses the procedure in which you can view, send and receive tweets using this client.
There are basically two methods with which you can install Twidge on your Ubuntu Linux system.
1. Using Command Line
2. Using Debian Package
The first method, i.e., the use of command line for the installation of Twidge is quite simple.
You just require editing your system’s repositories, which can be done by typing the following command in the Terminal window:

$ sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

You would now be required to add ‘squeeze’ in your sources.list.

deb squeeze main

Save the above mentioned repository to sources.list so that you can move to the next step, which would be downloading Twidge.
Now type the below mentioned command in order to install Twidge:

$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install twidge

You can now start using Twitter via Twidge.
The other method, as mentioned above is by installing the Debian package.
You may download the Debian package from web and install it by double clicking on the package.
Once it gets installed, it is time now to set up Twidge.
Type the following command in the terminal window in order to setup Twidge:

$ twidge setup

Open the Twidge authorization page in your browser. Enter your username and password and click on the authorize button.
Here, you would be given a pin which needs to be entered in the terminal.
This completes the process of setting up Twidge on your system.
You would now like to login to your Twitter account in order to send and receive tweets.
You may type the below mentioned command in order to update your Twitter account.

$ twidge update

This would be followed by your message; the length of a message should not exceed 140 characters.
There is a different command for checking the replies. It is:

$ twidge lsreplies

If you want to see the recent updates from Twitter, you may type the below mentioned command:

$ twidge lsrecent

In case, you find it difficult to learn and use these commands, you can use aliases for tweeting. Yes, Twidge offers you the option of creating aliases in your .bashrc file. You can save these aliases and tweet easily.



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