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    How to use Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8

    Most of the people in the World love Windows Operating System. Most of you have downloaded the latest developer’s preview of Window 8 Operating System. Since this downloaded Operating System is in its beta version so most of you must have installed it in Virtual Machine or you must have dual booted your Window 8 with some other Operating System.

    Most of you also have tried Window 8 Operating System on VMware workstation and after using it on VMware station t is found that it is the only Virtual machine which can support Windows 8. Also the installation procedure takes only 10 minutes. Now after the starting of Windows 8 the first thing which you will notice in your Window 8 is the new Metro Interface. Initially you will face some problem with Metro Interface but after few attempts you can use it smoothly.

    In the Metro Interface there are many Window 8 apps, when you click on these apps then none of them will work in the first attempt. So this is because Windows 8 does not have VMware Tools. But after the installation of VMware tools you can easily use all this apps perfectly. If you will try Internet Explorer in Windows 8 then you will observe that there are two version of Windows 8 Operating System, one of them is Metro UI and other one is the standard desktop browser. According to the Microsoft they use the same core. You can also see that Internet Explorer 10 is the similar program having two different skins. The Metro Interface of Internet Explorer 10 in Window 8 is a plug-in free i.e. here you can’t access Flash, Java contents and Silver Light. Remember that Metro Interface Browser is only for developers and not for general users.

    The desktop version of this tool will continue to support browser plug-in and also other standard browser extension. The best thing is that both the general desktop version and Metro Interface of IE10 shares data among each other including history of browser, settings, favorite and address.



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