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    How to transfer Music Files from your iPod to PC [Guide]

    Transferring music from your ipod to the computer is quite easy. However, the procedure of moving songs back to the PC via iPod is something that most of you might not be aware of. This article discusses a few simple steps by following which you can transfer music from iPod to computer.
    Transfer ipod music to computer
    1. Open windows explorer and go to the Tools option, you will get a folder options under tool, under which there would be an option of ‘View’, which needs to be clicked.
    Click on view and go to the advanced settings list, there you will get an option of Hidden files and folders. Check the ‘show hidden files and folders’ button and click Ok.
    On pressing ‘Ok’ you will get a pop up which would alert you for your windows security. You can ignore this warning.

    2. It is now time to plug your iPod in the PC. The windows will detect your iPod and you’ll be able to view a folder named iPod on your computer. This means that the device has been attached properly to your PC.
    Now, double-click on the iPod folder and go to the sub-folders; first to the ‘iPod_Control folder’ and then to the ‘music folder’.
    You’ll be able to find all your music files in the music folder. However, you won’t find a proper list of your music files. These would all be cluttered around in several small folders. You will also notice that the names of these music files are jumbled. However, don’t get confused, the names of these files can be sorted out with the help of the ID3 tags as these tags remain in place even after transferring to these files PC.

    3. Now, create a new folder on the hard-drive and copy paste all the music files into it. Delete all the small folders created by your iPod once you have pasted all the music files into your new folder. This way you will have all the music at a single place.

    4. Now, open iTunes and follow the below mentioned steps:
    Select Preferences under the Edit option
    Select the folder in which you have copied all the music files under the General ‘sub-tab’ under the Advanced tab
    Now, check the “keep iTunes Music Folder organized” box and then click Ok.
    You must also ensure that all the earlier music files are removed from iTunes.

    5. Click ‘File’ under iTunes and select ‘add folder to library’.
    Select the folder in which you have copied all your music files.
    Your music will now be re-imported to your playlist and that too with the correct song and album names. Be patient as this process may take some time.
    Now go back to Windows Explorer and select ‘View’ in Folder options under Tools, just as you did in the beginning of the process and reverse what you did earlier in order to hide the files again. It is also recommended to uncheck the ‘keep iTunes Music Folder organized’ option.

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