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    How to Start Your Career in Sales with Limited Experience

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    The sales industry is versatile, allowing professionals from different backgrounds with relevant experience to join and succeed.

    Professionals with direct experience or transferable skills from previous roles often pursue a career in sales due to the significant earnings, flexibility, job security, and networking opportunities. However, landing a sales job can be challenging sometimes, as employers can have high expectations from applicants.

    What can you do if you have limited experience but are eager to join this lucrative, past-faced industry? With the right strategies, you can land a sales job regardless of your experience. Consider the following tips to get your foot in the door and start your career in sales with limited experience.

    Highlight Your Transferrable Skills

    Employers may want to see how well you can sell yourself to determine if you can sell their products or services. Even if you don’t have direct sales experience, some tasks you completed in previous roles may help you succeed in a sales position. Read the job description for the role you are applying for and consider your previous experience, as some of the skills you gained in other roles may be transferrable.

    Show the employer what you offer by highlighting critical skills that make you a good fit. For example, if your previous role was as a manager at a restaurant, some of your transferable skills are communication, problem-solving, and customer service.

    Customize Your Resume & Cover Letter

    When switching careers and attempting to land a role you have limited experience in, a generic resume may not be enough. Customize your resume and cover letter to highlight your previous experience and the task related to the job you are applying for in sales. Look for main keywords in job postings and incorporate them throughout your resume and cover letter.

    Employers will consider you an asset if they trust you to help their company grow. A great way to portray your worth is by highlighting your accomplishments in your cover letter. Were you responsible for a streamlined process that increased efficiency in your previous role? Are you known for exceeding your goals? Did you improve the company’s image and boost profits? Mention key steps you have taken in the past to illustrate your worth to your new potential employer to show them you can be a valuable addition to the sales team.

    Connect with a Recruiter

    Aimlessly applying to numerous jobs daily without hearing back from the employer can be frustrating, especially if you have limited experience in the industry. A professional recruitment agency can help you navigate the complicated job search world to increase your chances of landing a role. 

    Consult a reputable sales recruitment company in NYC and discuss your expectations. They will ask about your previous experiences and expectations from your new potential role to help you find a suitable position. Recruitment agencies have access to job postings that aren’t public, limiting the number of applications received. This can improve your chances of getting considered for the role. Recruiters can also help you prepare for an interview and assist you in the negotiation process.  

    If you’ve decided to start a career in sales, you’re already a step closer to success. Consider the tips in this article to increase your chances of landing a sales role with limited experience.

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