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    How to Spot a Catfish In Online Hookup Websites

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    Ever heard of catfishing?

    It was first talked about in 2010. A documentary filmed by Nev Schulman showed his personal experience with catfishing. It’s the process where people are tricked into scams. It has all kinds and sorts. Here we’ll talk about how to spot a catfish in online adult dating. Let’s go over the signs you should look for. It’ll be a huge help when you are in an online relationship. Find here the best chat sites.

    They don’t answer their calls

    When you have a face-to-face relationship calling and meeting with your partner is natural. But in online hookup websites, things are a little different. Calling is the next step once you and your casual partner are comfortable around each other, and it is on your to-do list as a casual couple. It is the perfect way to create a bond and discover more about the relationship. Be cautious when your significant other doesn’t pick up the calls. If they kept making excuses all the time, you should think of a catfishing case right away. Not answering any call is a red flag, and you should not let that slip.

    Pay attention

    Usually, when you’re in a traditional casual relationship, you want to be around your partner all the time. In online adult dating, it is pretty tricky. That is why people tend to share pictures all the time. So they feel more connected. When receiving pictures from your casual partner, be cautious and pay attention to the pictures. Are they high-quality pictures that could only be shot at a professional studio? Catfish prefer to use pictures taken from the internet or foreign celebrity pictures. It is harder to know they are fake since the pictures are almost perfect.

    Do some digging

    Catfish have limited access to pictures. They can’t share pictures of themselves cooking, driving, or doing any other activity that can prove who they are pretending to be. When your partner is not sharing enough, they’re catfishing you. Use Google image search or do some social media digging to spot that. It can help you compare the results you are getting with the information and pictures they posted

    Do not share your private pictures

    Sharing your private pictures with your online partner is not smart, especially if you haven’t met them yet or don’t trust them that well. When you are asked to share your private pictures with someone you’ve just started talking with. Stop talking to them. They are catfishing you, and they will misuse your pictures. Stealing pictures and misusing them is not that new of a thing. Online adult dating websites are full of people who do that.

    Do not fall for their words

    Finding a casual partner is not easy, and you must wait for a while until things are tied up with your partner. Catfish will be so passionate, caring, and showing interest. They will make anything they can to swoop you off of your feet. Make your best not to fall for their games. It is not rational to get laid over a couple of texts, and you better be more realistic.

    Listen carefully

    Catfish do not lure people one at a time, and they have multiple accounts on multiple platforms. When you feel like they are not telling the truth or their stories are mixed up and don’t make sense. Back off immediately, or you will regret it later. Due to multiple accounts, they might slip and forget each story and how it connects to their profile information. They could tell you details related to some other identity they have. Made-up stories are easy to forget, so listen carefully to determine if something goes wrong.

    They ask for money

    Asking for money is another way of theirs. They are too good at scamming others, and they will use abusive tactics. Playing with your emotions and making you feel sorry for them, sending them money to help with their made-up crisis. When you’re being told they need some cash to sort things out, or they need it to visit you at your city, or they need to fix the car. It’s a catfish. They might even start with a small amount of money so you wouldn’t refuse first.


    That was some ideas of how to spot a catfish. People have been catfishing others forever, and apparently, it’s working out just fine for them. We went through the signs and red flags that might threaten your online adult dating experience. Be careful and watch out for catfishing scammers.

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