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    How to Save One Page of a PDF Quickly

    In the digital age, you may often need to download learning materials online, which are mostly in PDF format.

    Sometimes not all pages in these PDF files are of interest to you. To save disk space, email only relevant pages to others, or for any other reason, you may hope to save only a specific page from a PDF. So have you mastered how to save one page of a PDF?

    While taking a screenshot of your desired page and converting the screenshot to a PDF is viable, the resulting PDF might not be of good quality and the process is a bit torturous. Not to mention, everyone today prefers a streamlined way to get their jobs done. Read this post to find out how to save only one page of a PDF quickly.

    How to Save One Page of a PDF with SwifDoo PDF

    SwifDoo PDF is a Windows-based PDF program designed to level up your ability to manage and modify PDF documents. It offers a time-saving and simple solution for PDF organization so you can save one page of a PDF in just a few clicks. You can use it to save each page of a PDF as a new file separately or extract specific PDF pages to create one PDF. The software also enables you to edit, convert, compress PDFs, etc.

    Let’s see how to save one page of a PDF.

    Step 1: Import a PDF file into the free downloaded PDF software and choose the Page menu on the top;

    Step 2: Click Extract in the sub-menu bar to access the Extract Pages dialogue box;

    Step 3: Make sure Custom Range is selected in the Page Range drop-down menu and type the page number for the page you need to save as a new PDF;

    Step 4: Specify an output path and hit Start. That is all about how to save one page of a PDF in 4 steps.

    If the PDF contains multiple pages you need, enter all the page numbers of them into the blank field beside “Custom Range”. There are two extraction modes for you to decide whether to save selected pages as one PDF or individual PDFs.

    Note: If your PDF has permission restrictions to prevent manipulation, you will fail to save a page from a PDF. In this case, decrypt the PDF with the correct password or remove the security setting from PDF first.

    Another answer to how to save one page of a PDF is to print the PDF. You can print a specified page of a PDF with SwifDoo PDF program. All you have to do is go to “SwifDoo” in the upper left corner of the software and choose “Print” in the drop-down list, or press the Ctrl + P shortcut key to activate the printer, then select the printer as “Microsoft Print to PDF” and specify a page to print and save it. When required, the software helps you print secured PDF files.

    In addition to extracting a page from a PDF, SwifDoo PDF is a multi-purpose desktop application that can add pages to PDF if needed.

    For those who are exploring how to save one page of a PDF on Windows 10, the Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers in the later part are also the way to go besides SwifDoo PDF. Before we go into detail about that part, take a look at the way to save just one page of a PDF on Mac.

    Final Thoughts

    This article focuses on how to save one page of a PDF with multiple pages in PDF software. While most internet browsers enable you to achieve your goal, a specialized PDF creator and editor might be the superior choice. Why? In this busy world, any shortcut to getting work done helps take your competitiveness to a new level. 

    A PDF program like SwifDoo PDF makes it a cakewalk to deal with various PDF-related needs. Using it, a simplified workflow is at your fingertips.

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