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    How to make Ubuntu look like Mac osx – Complete Guide

    Ubuntu certainly looks more impressive and stylish as compared to Mac OS X. No wonder why more and more people are changing their Ubuntu’s look to make it appear like Mac OSX. Ubuntu looks quite dull and boring as shown in the image below where as Mac osx looks quite Professional and modish.

    installed ubuntu on pc

    It is seen that most people get their Ubuntu’s look changed by engineers and end up spending a lot of money on getting this task accomplished. However, this article discusses a few simple steps with the help of which you can change your Ubuntu’s look on your own. You can change its entire appearance and make it look like a Mac osx.

    installed mac os on pc 1

    Below mentioned are the steps by which your Ubuntu’s look can be changed:

    Step 1: Though you are not changing the entire operating system but it is still suggested to take a back up of all the files, especially the ones that are
    placed on the desktop because at times it is seen that engrossed in the settings and installation of new themes people do not realize that they
    are deleting or replacing some of their important files/folders. Thus, it is recommended to take a back up of all the important files before starting
    with the installation procedure.

    Step 2: Now, download the Mac4Lin themes from any trusted internet site and save them. It is preferable to save them in the home folder.

    Step 3: Check for folders named, .themes, .fonts, and .emerald. These are placed in the home directory and are hidden folders which are not visible
    otherwise. You will have to press CTRL+H to view them. Your PC may or may not have these folders. If you find them by pressing CTRL+H, you can begin with the next step. If you do not, then create three new folders by these names. These folders should be hidden. In order to hide them you need to prefix each of them with a period sign.

    Step 4: Once these folders are spotted or created, you can install the Mac4Lin themes by following the below mentioned procedure:

    cd Mac4Lin_v1.0_RC1

    The installation procedure would take some time, during which you may get prompt inquiring about the root access, which is required for installing some of the components. In order to continue, all you need to do is type “y”. The installation procedure is now complete. After completion of this procedure your desktop will get a new look as shown in the images below:

    You can also change the look of Ubuntu’s login screen and make it appear like that of Mac osx with the help of the following steps:
    Click on: System > Administration > Login window > Key in your password > Press local and choose Mac4Lin GDMvl.0 RC

    This is how the new login screen would look like:

    mac login screen

    The procedure takes very little time and your PC gets a brand new and stylish look of Mac osx. If you want you can also download the apple icon or logo to make it look even more similar to a Mac osx. Try these simple steps and turn the look of your boring Ubuntu into trendy Mac osx.

    Studied Computer science at Kuk Ngo and graduated in 2012.

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