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    How to Maintain Your Internet Freedom Through Proxy Sites

    Internet has traditionally been a very open, unrestricted place, But Increasingly there are constraints being put on users by outside forces which make it harder to get access tothe content you need. Thankfully, using proxy sites to get around blocks and checks is easy if you know how.

    Restrictive Access

    While you may find that your home internet connection is as free and unhindered by access blocks as you desire it to be, it is often difficult to get at seemingly innocuous sites fromyour place of work or the institution at which you study. This is because offices, schools, universities and even publicly accessible networks established by businesses for their customers to use may take a fairly draconian approachto managing connections and censoring the kind of content which can be viewed.
    Censored Internet
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    The Main Reason for this is that typically such organisations want to avoid inappropriate content, such as pornography, being accessed over their broadband connections. However, usually the blocks that are put in place can be a little blunt and broad, leaving you unable to view many sites which could be essential to your work or study even though they are essentially harmless. Some people simply want to browse anonymously when connected to a home or public network without their browser or network administrators being able to look at the sites they are visiting. The answer to all of these issues comes in the form of a proxy service.


    A Proxy service is the best way to avoid encountering issues with managed internetconnections, as it will let you channel your browsing through a third-party server, circumventing in-house restrictions and bringing you the web in an undiluted form.

    HTTPS proxy services are primarily used for web browsing, as the name suggests. You can visit this page for Verizon internet details and see your favourite sites via a connection that might normally block them completely. There are also Socks 4 and 5 proxies which give you more general network access, allowing you to utilise apps and other services which might not run in their native formthrough a browser.

    If you want to find reputable proxy websites then there are thousands to choose from and searching via your engine of choice will present you with some of the most popular. There are some premium proxy services which will provide you with access for a monthly fee, while there are others that are free of charge and offer generally slower speeds. For the savviest users there are lists of proxy sites which change week by week, so you will needto keep track of these if you want to stay under the radar.

    Security Concerns

    Bear in mind that even when you are using a proxy service you could have personal information compromised. This is because some proxies are set up in order to allow the owner to harvest the information of those that channel web access through them. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up becoming the victim of fraud so whatever you do, try to avoid entering credit-card details or other financial information when you are connected via a proxy. In addition, harnessing a proxy site on a publicly accessible network, such as at school or work, may not be a very sensible idea if you have network administrators who will respond negatively to such use.

    While they will not necessarily be able to see which sites you are visiting through theproxy, you could easily arouse their suspicions if you keep accessing the same service. Use proxies judiciously and try to harness them for the right reasons or else you may haveto face the consequences on your own. Always remember to use your discretion and common sense, avoiding suspicious-lookingsites and keeping your actions as above board as possible. Proxy services can be a boon for web fans in the right circumstances, but steer clear of any illicit activity if you want toavoid possible negative repercussions.

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