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    How To Kickstart Your Career In The Beauty And Hair Industry

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    It’s time to go back to school!

    Finally, we are allowed to resume education and go back to school! Lockdown is a time to ask ourselves the right questions, and start planning for what is coming next!

    If you have always been attracted to start a career in the beauty and hair industry, there are a few options that can help you to quickstart your career.

    Enrolling a certificate III in hairdressing can be an excellent way to begin working within an industry your love! Even if you plan to do makeup or beauty, later on, having a hairdressing qualification will always be a great addition to your skill set and this is why:

    1. If you want to work in film and TV as a makeup artist, you will probably need to also have a hairdressing qualification. With a diploma course in screen and media, you will study hairstyling but not hairdressing. Some productions might require you to cut and colour the hair of your talents, especially for long term productions and movies that are shot in location. Some productions require you to maintain the hair with the same length and colour for months and having certification in hairdressing will make the difference, as you will be able to offer this additional service.

    2. Male grooming is also extremely important when working for advertising. The agency can ask you to have a talent clean shaved or to shorten a haircut. Male grooming is simple but as soon as it comes to the beard or hair, you will need to have the confidence and take the appropriate steps. Enrolling on a hairdressing course will teach you how to look after men’s hair!

    3. Offering an all in one service: Imagine being able to look after your client entirely? From offering the hair cut, coloured, styling and but also other beauty services and makeup applications! The great thing about offering hair services is that you can have a constant income and return customers independently to the time of the year and days of the week. If you plan on studying makeup or are already a makeup artist, adding hairstyling under your belt can definitely be an excellent way to constantly have work.

    4. Increasing your prices! Offering an all in one service is also an excellent way to increase your income. By offering a full service to your clients, you will be able to charge a higher amount per client!

    5. Having the full picture! For creative spirits, it is important to have control of what you can offer and a full overview of the result for your clients. Hair, makeup and beauty services work together and having the freedom to entirely advise your clients is grant you the opportunity to satisfy them entirely.

    AACM offers flexible options to study Certificate III hairdressing in Brisbane, you can follow the course and adapt to your schedule in a great creative environment. You can also enrol in lashes and brows courses as well as makeup fundamentals. These short courses will give you the essential knowledge to start providing services to clients and explore the makeup and beauty industry!

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