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    How to Keep your Files Safe from Kids on Your iPhone 6

    Are you wondering on how to protect and save your file from your kids on your iPhone? We all know that kids nowadays are fond of borrowing our phones. They play a lot with it, explore things and take a lot of photos. So what are ways on how to prevent your kids deleting your file?

    All you have to do is lock your phone, you can put a lock code in it or better yet, Iphone 6 has a great feature that only requires your thumb. No one can open it unless you know the pass code. Isn’t it great? It’s easy and hassle free. In that sense, your kid can’t touch your phone anytime they want, unless they ask for your permission.

    They can’t touch your file too, if you have some important files in your phone, apart from having a pass code, you can also save it in your Dropbox. Dropbox is free and a web-based application where you can save your files and can view them anytime you want. It is described as an iDisk-Killer. Free accounts get 2GB of space, a desktop folder syncing client for both Mac OS X and Windows, and light sharing features so you can work on a batch of files with other Dropbox users.

    Dropbox has a nice browser that features an iPhone-optimized mode and it allows you to view files and navigate folders with a UI that closely resembles its desktop browser client. With this, you can view any files that the iPhone supports such as Quicktime compatible movies and word documents. As discussed above, it is free up to 2GB of stuff.

    If you need more space, Dropbox offers monthly subscription plans if you need more space for your documents. So if you want your files to be saved from your kids on your iPhone, set a pass code in your phone or you can also saved your files in Dropbox, in that case, you won’t be worrying if your kid accidentally deleted your file. This is truly a big help for all of us, our files are important hence, we really need to be more careful with it.

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