No longer are the days when you require a CD for installing your Windows Operating System. Today you can also install your Window with the help of a USB drive and in very less time. You can also use this technique when your system is not having any DVD optical drive. This technique is very simple and you can try this without any hassle. Below is the procedure and requirement material for the same.

Install windows 7 from USB


  1. Minimum 4 GB of USB Flash Drive
  2. Installation files for Windows 8 or Windows 7

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  1. Insert your USB flash drive into your USB port and then move the data present in the USB drive to some safe location.
  2. With admin rights open the CMD.
  3. Now in the CMD type “DISKPART”, “LIST DISK” (note the disk number in this step), “SELECT DISK 1”; “CLEAN”; “CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY”; “SELECT PARTITION 1”; “ACTIVE”; “FORMAT FS=NTFS”; “ASSIGN”; and then minimize the command prompt.
  4. Now Insert DVD of Window 7/ Window 8 in the optical drive and note down the drive letter of the DVD.
  5. Maximize the command prompt and type “D: CD BOOT.
  6. For updating the USB drive with BOOTMGR type “BOOTSECT.EXE /NT60 H:”
  7. Now you have to copy the contents present in the DVD to your USB drive.
  8. Your USB drive is ready to boot and you can install your Window from it. But remember to change the boot priority from HDD.CD ROM to USB.