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    How to Install Spotify on Ubuntu PC using Wine

    Spotify, is a new program for music streaming. Earlier it was limited to Windows Operating Systems and MAC, but the latest version of this program is compatible even with Ubuntu Linux. However, the installation process of Spotify is slightly different in Ubuntu. Here are a few steps to install Spotify on your Ubuntu PC using Wine. Before we begin with the installation process, let’s put some light on the software “Wine”.

    Wine is a software tool that is used in Ubuntu to install a windows program on it. It is open source software specially designed for open source OS like Ubuntu Linux. You need to install wine first, if you don’t have it installed on your Ubuntu PC.

    You can install Wine using “Synaptic Package Manager” or “Software Center”.

    To install using the Synaptic Package Manager:

    Click on >> System on the top left corner (the third option on the task bar) then go to >> Administration and search for “Wine Software” in the list available.

    To install using the Software Center:

    Go to>> Applications, on the top left corner then go to the >>Software Centre and install the software.

    It is recommended to opt for Wine version 1.3 or later for they have all updates.

    If you want to know the version of Wine presently available on your system, you can type the command “$ wine –version” in the Command-Line and all details on presently installed Wine version will appear on your screen.

    Once Wine is installed on your system, you can install Spotify. Here are the steps to do so:

    • First of all download Spotify from the Internet from the widely available sources . Once the download is completed you can save it in your system, Desktop, for example. However, do not run exe file directly.

    • On the desktop you will find the “Spotify Installer.exe” icon. To start the installation process, double-click on installer.exe icon. You will now see an installation console on your desktop, clicking on the “Install” button will ignite the installation procedure.

    • Once the installation process completes, Spotify is available for utilization on your Ubuntu Linux system.

    • Go to Applications >> Wine >> Programs. In the programs you will find the Spotify icon, if you have followed all the installation steps perfectly. There you’re done. Spotify is now ready to play your desired tracks.

    • If Spotify functions normally in the beginning but later shows signs of problems, then there must have been some mistake in the installation procedure. There are chances of the program freezing, if there are errors in installation.

    • You can always make use of Troubleshooting if the problem persists.


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